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The Red Eclipse was a starship that was operated by a crew of Trandoshan and Weequay slavers affiliated with the Exchange that was based out of Nar Shaddaa. When Meetra Surik traveled to that world, landing within the Refugee Sector, the Ebon Hawk was put down on a pad that was supposedly reserved for the Red Eclipse, despite protests from the pad master, Quello. Upon discovering this the ship's captain, Cahhmakt, and his crew attempted to hijack the Hawk, but were killed by Surik and her companions.

Behind the scenesEdit

Surik has the choice of commanding the ship's captain to serve him/her. The captain will then depart the Ebon Hawk with the remnants of his crew and a pledge of service. From this point on a Red Eclipse slaver can be found in the Nar Shaddaa cantina. Here, a collection of some of the credits that the crew has made could be collected every so often.

This can be done with both light and dark side characters.


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