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This article is about the X-wing unit. You may be looking for the K-wing unit also known as Red Flight.

Red Flight on Adumar.

"Red Leader has four lit and looking optimal."
"Red Two. Four on-line, ready to fly."
"Red Three. Anxious to show 'em what we can do."
"Red Four. Four lit and in the green."
―Red Flight, reporting in[src]

Red Flight was a temporary detachment of four T-65 X-wing starfighter pilots dispatched by the New Republic on a diplomatic mission to Adumar in 13 ABY. The group was led by General Wedge Antilles, selected by the New Republic to go as an ambassador to the planet Adumar. Instructed to bring three of the New Republic's best starfighter pilots, Wedge chose Colonel Tycho Celchu, Major Wes Janson, and Major Derek "Hobbie" Klivian. Red Flight was stationed aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Allegiance.

As Adumari culture venerated fighter pilots, it was considered essential to send the most renowned pilots in the New Republic Defense Force, despite their lack of any diplomatic training. The mission did not go as planned, but ultimately Red Flight succeeded through the rather undiplomatic means of overthrowing Perator Pekaelic ke Teldan of Cartann, Adumar's largest and most powerful nation, in collaboration with many of its smaller rival nations. Cartann was supported by General Turr Phennir, the Imperial delegate to Adumar, who led a flight from the 181st Imperial Fighter Group that was eventually defeated by Red Flight; out of the four TIE/IN interceptors in the flight, only Phennir's survived.

Three days later the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Agonizer returned at the head of a large Imperial task force with orders to conquer Adumar. However a combined New Republic and Adumari force, building on misinformation being fed to the Imperials about the situation planetside, was able to defeat the Imperials in the Battle of Adumar. Following the battle, Red Flight was disbanded and its pilots were returned to active service within Rogue Squadron.



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