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"I can't argue. It was Darth Vader. What Micha did…she just saved a lot of lives."
―A rebel trooper on Red Four's sacrifice[src]

"Red Four" is a canon, one-page comic story printed in Marvel Comics 1000, a celebration of publisher Marvel Comics' eightieth anniversary. The story was written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Terry Dodson, and the issue was published on August 28, 2019.

In the story, a Rebel Alliance soldier recounts the tale of Red Four, who gave her life to ram the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader during a battle.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

"She's a hero, and we should—No."
―The rebel trooper and Darth Vader during the battle[src]

During a battle[2] sometime between 2 BBY and 4 ABY,[4] a Rebel Alliance soldier is telling his comrades about Red Four, Micha, who had just sacrificed herself by flying her X-wing into[2] the Dark Lord of the Sith[5] Darth Vader. The troopers are discussing how Micha's actions in eliminating Vader would be a blow to the Galactic Empire. However, the Sith Lord then blows away the X-wing's wreckage and emerges from the spot. Darth Vader then ignites his lightsaber.[2]

Development[edit | edit source]

"I have two pages in the amazing Marvel 1000, out today - a Silver Surfer Story with Steve McNiven and a Darth Vader story with @TerryDodsonArt. Hope you enjoy both, and all the other amazing work in this landmark issue!"
―Writer Charles Soule[src]

In honor of Marvel Comics' eightieth anniversary, the comic book Marvel Comics 1000 was produced, with a one-page story for each year. The issue was published on August 28, 2019.[3] Star Wars was used for the 1977 slot with the "Red Four" comic in honor of the publication of Star Wars 1, which was the first title to sell over a million copies since the Golden Age of Comics. The story was written by Charles Soule, penciled and colored by Terry Dodson, and inked by Rachel Dodson. The letterer was Cory Petit[2] and the issue's editor was Tom Brevoort.[3]

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