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The Red Fury Brotherhood was one of many pirate groups operating out of the Cularin system asteroid belt. They were one of the two most powerful of such groups, along with the Order of Independent Trade. Near-constant infighting and assassinations prevented either group from growing, absorbing other groups, or carrying out any plans against rival crimelord Nirama.[3]

The pirates included representatives of many species, the most conspicuous of which was the organization's chief gunner, who had two heads. Other members included a cloaked reptilian, a pair of fanged blue bipeds, a squat purple being, a yellow being with one horn, and a gray alien with eyestalks.[1]

During a brief armistice to negotiate a possible amiable agreement among the pirate group leaders in the Cularin system, both this group and the Order of Independent Trade made a deal with Nirama to continue with their smuggling, while the other pirates were busy in the talks. Nirama found their scheming amusing, but nevertheless he kept at least one of his four eyes on the pirate activity of the system.[3]

The Brotherhood pirates wore non-personalized badges for identification.[2]

In 31 BBY, the Brotherhood signed a deal with Karae Nalvas, a dark Jedi who was building a base called Conkesta in the low orbit of gas giant Genarius. The Brotherhood agreed to provide Nalvas's base with supplies over the course of several freighter trips. Nalvas's enemy Alec, a Jedi Knight, discovered that most of the pirates in the Brotherhood enjoyed the annual four-day Festival of Tolea Biqua, leaving their main base in asteroid L-7 almost unprotected. Alec sent a party to steal a shuttle from L-7 during this festival, and to use the shuttle to pose as the Brotherhood in order to gain access to the Conkesta. This operation was successful.[2]

When Inquisitor Valin Draco traveled to the Almas Academy, he hired the Brotherhood to patrol above Almas, to prevent outsiders from coming there. However, they failed to stop an Alderaanian Resistance team that was sent by Jedi Master Denia.[4]

During the Clone Wars, they attempted to destroy an Acclamator-class assault ship near Druckenwell. During this time, the Brotherhood also owned and operated Burnout, a space station in the Thaereian system.



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