The Red Honeycomb Zone, often also known as the Blood Net or Ship Eater, was a safe passage through the Galactic Barrier, a chaotic web of anomalies that prevented travel into the galaxy's Unknown Regions. When attempting to find the planet Exegol using the Sith wayfinder of Darth Vader, Kylo Ren traveled through the Red Honeycomb Zone.[1]

After stealing Ren's TIE whisper starfighter, Rey recovered Vader's wayfinder from the ship's burnt wreckage and used it to travel to Exegol through the Red Honeycomb Zone while transmitting her coordinates to the Resistance. Once the Resistance received Rey's coordinates, General Poe Dameron led the Resistance through the Red Honeycomb Zone to get to Exegol where they started to battle against the revived Darth Sidious's Final Order.[1]

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