"Ride the beasts given by Life!"
―A Red Knight to a Dressellian merchant before wrecking his landspeeder[src]

The Red Knights of Life were fanatical followers of Nom Anor on Rhommamool who enforced the Yuuzhan Vong's hatred of mechanical technology. They were secretly being manipulated by the Yuuzhan Vong.[1]

The Knights were formed by Anor sometime between 11 ABY, after his killing of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council, and 13 ABY, at which point Xbrr-Zinngogg journeyed to Coruscant to complain about Anor to the New Republic Ruling Council. Chief of State Leia Organa Solo refused to intervene, considering it a local matter.[2]

The Knights were also strongly opposed to Jedi and Sith alike, and were known to have fought on Rhommamool, Osarian, and Uffel. They rode tutakans, fought with pummelstaves, and wore black capes and red-dyed animal hides.



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