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Red Leader or Red One was the callsign attributed to the leader of Red Squadron.


Clone Wars[]

Commander Monnk served as Red Leader during the Battle of Mon Cala.[1]

During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi flew as Red Leader during the Battle of Coruscant, for the Galactic Republic.[2]

Galactic Civil War[]

Liberation of Erso[]

"Admiral, this is Red Leader. Extraction Team Bravo is still in one piece but the Empire could arrive any minute."
―Samala Loené[6]

In 0 BBY,[7] Red Leader Samala Loené, along with the rest of Red Flight of the Alliance to Restore the Republic were deployed to assist Extraction Team Bravo in the Wobani system against incoming Imperial forces.[6]

Scarif and Yavin[]

"Red Leader, standing by."
―Garven Dreis, Scarif[8]

Garven Dreis, Yavin

Commander Garven Dreis served as Red Leader during the Battle of Scarif[8] and the Battle of Yavin, for the Rebel Alliance until he was shot down by Darth Vader during his trench run on the Empire's first Death Star.[3]


"Vader down. I repeat. Darth Vader has been shot down on Vrogas Vas. This is Red Leader calling for assistance from all available alliance forces."
―Arhul Narra, Vrogas Vas[9]

Arhul Narra, Vrogas Vas

Following the Battle of Yavin, veteran pilot Commander Arhul Narra was given command of Red Squadron and served as Red Leader[10] during various battles that included a skirmish in the Kiax Nebula,[11] a mission to Giju,[10] the Battle of Vrogas Vas,[9] but was killed in an Imperial ambush shortly before the Battle of Hoth[12] around 3 ABY.[13]


"All right. And are you ready, Red Leader?"
―The Contessa and Wedge Antilles[14]

Following the evacuation of Hoth in 3 ABY,[15] Wedge Antilles was given command of the reformed Red Squadron and promoted to commander by the Contessa, and served as Red Leader during an attack on an asteroid mining station.[14]


"This is Red Leader--All fighters, on me--we need to make an attack run on Seventh Division's cruiser, push those TIEs back."
―Luke Skywalker, Inner Rim[16]

Sometime after, Commander Luke Skywalker assumed the callsign Red Leader during a battle at Elessia, when Ellian Zahra's forces attacked the Alliance's Seventh Division.[16]


"Red Leader standing by."
―Wedge Antilles, Endor[17]

In 4 ABY,[18] Commander Wedge Antilles again served as Red Leader during the climactic Battle of Endor.[17]

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