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"Hey, I just got out of prison. If we had a decent navicomputer, trust me, we'd be dropping out of hyperspace into the Nar Shaddaa Red Sector right now."
Atton Rand to the Exile[src]

The Red Light Sector was an area of Nar Shaddaa known for its illicit entertainment.

It offered services such as bodily enhancements, implants, and other options for adrenaline junkies. Alongside the surgical and bio-enhancement shops, other shady businesses, in particular slavers and spice dealers, offered various products. They took advantage of the wealth, desperation or moral flexibility, that visitors to the Red Light Sector brought with them.

Though Hutt Cartel security did secure the central area of the Sector for tourists, other areas were filled with crime and the Cartel Security warned visitors of entering those zones; though they did little to stop the violence itself.



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