"We're soldiers. We don't ask questions. We supply answers. With an entire corporate world about to sway over to the New Republic, and the New Republic unable to openly confront the Pentastar Alignment, you need someone else to fight the battle. We are that someone else."
Sully Tigereye[src]

Red Moons was a mercenary organization led by a former Colonel of the New Republic. It was a group dedicated to liberating worlds from the remnants of the Empire. Another common goal they had was that many members were former disgruntled members of the New Republic who wanted more done to stop the Empire. In actuality, it appeared that the Red Moons were actually a group linked specifically with the New Republic who did the work the New Republic could not publicly do, possibly a division of New Republic Intelligence. They owned at least one ship, the Red Moon Revenge, and their base was protected by a combination of four Galax Viper volley guns and several Apex Incisor Missiles.

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