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The Red Nebula priest resided in the temple in the Red Nebula which housed two crimson jewels important to the priest's religion.


He believed that the jewels protected their planet from the destruction which ravaged all other planets in the Red Nebula. Another group believed that the jewels should be destroyed as they were abominations to Cosmic Destiny. This group was exiled, but returned to the Red Nebula having captured a number of mercenaries on Terminus and forced them to attempt to steal the jewels from the temple.

Two of the mercenaries they captured were Han Solo and Chewbacca, and the pair were the first to enter the temple and encounter the priest. To prevent the jewels from being taken, the priest called upon the temple guardian to safeguard the sacred gems. However, the guardian was distracted by Chewbacca who appeared similar in appearance to the guardian except for the fact that the Wookiee was much smaller.

Using the distraction to his advantage, Solo took the jewels and brought them back to the exiles' spokesman, Klysk. Klysk and the mercenaries took the jewels from Solo and left the smuggler and his partner stranded on the planet; the exiles then piloted their ship into the sun intending to destroy the gems and themselves. However, Solo had hidden the real jewels and given fakes to the exiles, thereby saving the planet from destruction according to the priest's beliefs. In return for saving the jewels, the priest provided a spacecraft to Solo and Chewbacca to return to Terminus.

Years later, Domina Tagge hired a group of bounty hunters to find the rumored crimson gems of the Red Nebula. They found the planet where the jewels were located and captured both the gems and the priest tending them. When Tagge's Mining Explorer left with the gems it was quickly confronted and boarded by Imperial troops, a firefight ensued between the crews and the Imperials captured one of the crimson jewels. In the confusion, the priest, who was dying of wounds he experienced during the fight, released the other crimson jewel. With one jewel exposed without its partner, it unleashed a deadly effect known as the Crimson Forever on the crew of the Mining Explorer. The effect was reversed when the jewel was reunited with its mate.

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This priest appears to be Human, but with pointy ears. Leland Chee, on the Message Boards, stated that his theory is that "all pointy-eared species are either Sephi or closely related to Sephi."[1]

This priest shares many of the same characteristics with Darth Vader's secretary.


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