"We will have to bear its first assault. After that we can outrun. Its mass will prevent it changing its vector quickly enough to catch us before we burrow into darkspace."
―A subaltern of the Red Qurang, on the Widowmaker[1]

The Red Qurang was a yorik coral transport vessel used by the Yuuzhan Vong species during their invasion of the galaxy. Commanded by Ushk Choka, the Red Qurang traveled to the living world of Zonama Sekot to extract former Executor Nom Anor in 29 ABY. The transport was successful in its mission, ferrying Anor to orbit above the planet, though the Red Qurang was heavily damaged by the Imperial frigate Widowmaker before Zonama Sekot jumped to hyperspace due to sabotage inflicted upon it, taking the Widowmaker with it and sparing the Red Qurang further harm.


Constructed with a hull made from yorik coral, the Red Qurang was a transport vessel that had the ability to jump to hyperspace and was able to enter and exit the atmosphere of a planet. Armed with at least one plasma cannon, the Red Qurang was spacious enough to transport thirty Yuuzhan Vong warriors, as well as multiple subalterns and an officer. Smaller than a frigate in size, the life support-equipped transport vessel featured a retractable boarding ramp, as well as a bridge outfitted with viewport analogs.[1]


"We can stand no more of this. Another strike, and—"
―The subaltern, just before the Red Qurang was saved by Zonama Sekot's jump to lightspeed[1]

Commanded by Ushk Choka, the Red Qurang served as a transport during the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong species' invasion of the galaxy.[1] In 29 ABY,[2] disgraced Executor Nom Anor convinced Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane that he had found the living, hyperspace–capable world of Zonama Sekot and could sabotage it to end the threat it posed to the Yuuzhan Vong empire's war effort and the species' religion. In response, the Red Qurang was dispatched that year to the Klasse Ephemora system in the Unknown Regions, carrying a squad of warriors, to extract Anor from the living world after the agent had sabotaged it. The transport vessel arrived in the star system and entered orbit over Zonama Sekot, where it went undetected by both the planet and the Imperial frigate Widowmaker, which was in nearby orbit.[1]

Aboard the Red Qurang, Choka was contacted by Anor, who persuaded the commander to extract him in seven hours' time, when the living world would be occupied with the damage caused by Anor's sabotage. At the appointed time, the Red Qurang descended into the atmosphere to pick up Anor and landed near the agent's location before disgorging its complement of thirty warriors to hold off the Jedi Knights who were pursuing him. The arrival of the Jedi shuttle Jade Shadow shortly afterward forced Choka to pull the Red Qurang out as soon as Anor boarded, as the armed shuttle began to open fire on both the transport and the warriors, and the Red Qurang left the ground troops behind to be killed by the Jedi there. The Yuuzhan Vong transport was momentarily pursued by the Jade Shadow as the Red Qurang raced for orbit, but the other vessel broke off its attack.[1]

However, with no other Yuuzhan Vong ships to occupy the Imperial frigate, the Widowmaker intercepted the Red Qurang after it escaped Zonama Sekot's atmosphere, and the larger ship inflicted heavy damage on the transport as the Red Qurang tried to race past it to escape to hyperspace. The Yuuzhan Vong transport would have been destroyed had Zonama Sekot's hyperdrive not activated then due to Anor's sabotage. The living world blindly jumped away, pulling the Widowmaker along with it and thus saving the Red Qurang from the fire of the Imperial warship, allowing Choka to transport Anor back to Yuuzhan Vong territory.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

"Keep our present course. Secure for bombardment."
―Ushk Choka[1]

The Red Qurang was commanded by Ushk Choka, a warrior from Domain Choka, and multiple subalterns piloted the vessel when it extracted Nom Anor from Zonama Sekot.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The transport vessel's only appearance was in the penultimate novel of The New Jedi Order series, The Final Prophecy, written by Greg Keyes and released in 2003.


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