"I am a panther. A mean, hungry panther."

Red Rishyk was a captain in the Imperial Military and head of security on Bannistar Station.


Nine months after the Battle of Yavin a battle-damaged ship appeared at Bannistar Station. Using falsified registration codes it joined in the civilian refueling queue. Despite the fact that falsified registration codes were quite common in the region, Rishyk had a bad feeling about the ship and ran a check, discovering that the ship was one of the Rebel Alliance's flagships, Rebel One. He immediately informed his commander, D'Vox. D'Vox ordered the ship to be boarded, but when Imperial ships neared the vessel it overloaded its engines and exploded. D'Vox predicted to Rishyk that it was all a setup to infiltrate Bannistar Station and not much later he was proven right. D'Vox ordered his troops to hang back and wait to see how far the rebels would be able to infiltrate the station.

Later, Rishyk was present when six of the rebels were held at the command center of the station. He warned that it was dangerous to hold Skywalker and Senator Organa for long without alerting Imperial Center. He proposed to execute the rebels before they could start trouble, as he was unsure how many more rebels had infiltrated the station. One he did know off though, a rebel girl that had eluded capture. He roughly interrogated Luke Skywalker about her whereabouts. Skywalker told him she had probably already escaped the station and had gone for help. Rishyk did not fall for this lie and was ordered by D'Vox to find the girl. He found Deena Shan desperate and alone at a console and easily managed to disarm her. He informed her that she was expendable and that he would have some fun with her before he would kill her.


Rishyk falls to his death.

First he took her bag with detonators away and then tried to torture her, but Deena spat him in the face and in anger he threw her through a glass screen. She appeared wounded, but when Rishyk neared her she stabbed him in the leg with a piece of the broken glass. As he tries to pull it out, Deena picked up her bag of detonators and used one to take out Rishyk's accompanying Stormtroopers and fled in the confusion. Angered, Rishyk and some Stormtroopers searched for her, until one Stormtrooper spotted her high up on a walkway of a fuel tank. Deena was forced to climb higher, and Rishyk followed her closely until he managed to corner her on a walkway overlooking the fueling of a Star Destroyer. He informed central command that he had captured Deena again. Suddenly Deena pulled out her last detonator. Rishyk realized that she was trying to blow up the fuel tank and lunged at her. But Deena still managed to drop the detonator and it bounced toward the bottom of the fuel tank. Deena fled and Rishyk was close behind, but he slipped and fell off the walkway, barely managing to hold on. Desperately he cried to Deena for help, but when she reached toward him he tried to pull her over the edge and she kicked him the face, causing him to fall to his death.

Personality and traitsEdit

Rishyk was a tall and powerful man. Despite Imperial regulations, he kept his hair long and had a beard. He was not in good physical condition, the chase of Deena Shan across Bannistar Station left him out of breath.

Rishyk was bored by his regular duties as head of security, he regarded the torture of prisoners as one of his few enjoyments and a way to keep his edge.

Revenge was one of his biggest motivations, after being hurt by Deena he stopped at nothing to try and kill her, even when she offered him help after he had slipped of a walkway he tried to pull her down instead.


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