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"We'll rely on each other up there, like we always do. And as long as we do that, I'll go up against anything in the galaxy and like our chances."
―Garven Dreis, to Red Squadron prior to the Battle of Yavin[src]

Red Squadron, also referred to as Red Group, was a starfighter squadron of X-wing starfighters that served as part of the Rebel Alliance's starfighter corps during the Galactic Civil War. The squadron participated in campaigns such as the Battle of Scarif, the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor. Following the victory of the rebellion and the reformation of the Republic, Red Squadron was assimilated into the New Republic Defense Fleet.


As with most Rebel starfighter squadrons, Red Squadron typically consisted of twelve ships. On occasion, however, the Squadron could be expanded to include as many as fifteen.[15]

Battle of ScarifEdit

"Red and Gold Squadrons, attack formation. Defend the fleet."
―Admrial Raddus giving Red and Gold Squadrons their orders[src]

Red Squadron participated in the Battle of Scarif along with Blue Squadron, Green Squadron, and Gold Squadron under Garven Dreis' command.[16][9] X-wings assisted in engaging Imperial ships above the planet, combating TIE fighters and Imperial Star Destroyers with the rest of the Alliance fleet. During the battle, Pedrin Gaul, flying as Red Five, was killed.[9]


Battle of YavinEdit

"All wings report in. — Red Ten standing by. — Red Seven standing by. — Red Three standing by. — Red Six standing by. — Red Nine standing by. — Red Two standing by. — Red Eleven standing by. — Red Five standing by."
―Red Squadron at the Battle of Yavin — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Red Squadron participated in the Battle of Yavin under the command of Garven Dreis. X-Wings from Red Squadron made the second and third attack run on the Death Star's thermal exhaust port. Luke Skywalker, flying as Red Five, scored the critical hit during the third attack run, destroying the Death Star.[1]


Chasing after a PrincessEdit

Following the battle, the Alliance decided to evacuate their base on Yavin 4. Princess Leia Organa, along with rebel pilot and fellow Alderaanian Evaan Verlaine, decided to defy the orders of the Rebel leadership and set out on a mission to find and protect surviving Alderaanians from the Empire, The two remaining members of Red Squadron (Skywalker and Antilles), intercepted the T-1 shuttle they were in, and ordered them to turn back.[17]


  • Red Two: Lieutenant Wedge Antilles[17]
  • Red Five: Luke Skywalker[17]

Skirmish in the Kiax NebulaEdit

Red Squadron came up against Imperial TIE fighters during a battle in the Kiax Nebula.[5]


Mission to GijuEdit

Red Squadron escorted a bulk freighter containing rescued agents from the planet Giju before Imperial agents arrived. They fought TIE fighters, destroying several before making the jump to hyperspace.[2]


  • Red Leader: Commander Arhul Narra[2]
  • Red Three: Wedge Antilles[2]
  • Red Five: Luke Skywalker[2]

Battle of Vrogas VasEdit

Darth Vader, pursuing his son Luke in the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin, tracked him to the planet Vrogas Vas, where the Rebel Alliance had established a refueling base. He immediately encountered three squadrons of X-Wings, including Red Squadron. Vader destroyed the other two squadrons before colliding with Luke's X-Wing. Father and son both fell to the planet's surface, beginning the Battle of Vrogas Vas.[11]


  • Red Leader: Commander Arhul Narra[11]
  • Red Five: Luke Skywalker[11]

Hijacking of the HarbingerEdit

Red Squadron participated in the hijacking of the Harbinger in order to break the blockade on Tureen VII.[13]


  • Red Three: Wedge Antilles[13]
  • Red Five: Luke Skywalker[13]
  • Red Six: Unidentified X-wing pilot[13]
  • Red Seven: Unidentified X-wing pilot (KIA)[13]
  • Red Nine: Unidentified X-wing pilot (KIA)[13]

Siege on Tureen VIIEdit

Red Squadron then participated in the siege on Tureen VII.[14]


  • Red Leader: Unidentified X-wing pilot[14]
  • Red Five: Luke Skywalker[14]

Battle of EndorEdit

"Red Three, Red Two, pull in."
―Commander Wedge Antilles, at Endor[src]

Red Squadron participated in the Battle of Endor under the command of Wedge Antilles. The squadron was composed of a mix of starfighters, including A-wings, X-wings, and Y-wings .[3]


  • Red Leader: Commander Wedge Antilles (X-wing)[3]
  • Red Two: Unidentified Y-wing pilot[3]
  • Red Three: Sila Kott (A-wing) (KIA)[3]
  • Red Five: Grizz Frix (X-wing) (KIA)[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the novelization of A New Hope, Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles flew for Blue Squadron. Their squadron was changed to Red Squadron when it was realized that blue markings on the ships would be replaced by moving starfield during blue screen shots. Consequently, the name of the fighter group the novelization called Red Squadron was changed to Gold Squadron for the film.


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