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"Red Squad. Blue Squad. Take my lead."
―Poe Dameron during the Battle of Starkiller Base[1]

Red Squadron was a starfighter squadron in the Resistance active several decades after the Battle of Endor. It served as support for Blue Squadron in the Battle of Takodana.[2]


Starkiller Base[]

Red Squadron participated along with Blue Squadron during the Battle of Starkiller Base where they were led by Commander Poe Dameron.[2]

Evacuation of D'Qar[]

Following the Battle of Starkiller Base, the Resistance were forced to evacuate their base on D'Qar after the First Order discovered their location. Red Squadron were launched alongside Blue Squadron to buy time for the evacuation.[6]


While escorting an Intersystem Transport Ship leaving Batuu carrying new recruits for the cause, along with Poe Dameron and another pilot "Blue Five", the ship was attacked by First Order TIE fighters. "Red Two" died when his fighter was destroyed.[7]

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