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"Red Three standing by."
―Biggs Darklighter[src]

Red Three was the callsign of the third member of Red Squadron.


Rebel AllianceEdit

SWC39 box art

Biggs Darklighter flew as Red Three during the Battle of Yavin

During the Battle of Yavin, Biggs Darklighter flew under that callsign before being shot down by Darth Vader.[2]

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Wedge Antilles was reassigned and given the callsign of Red Three.[1]

During the Battle of Endor, the Red Three callsign was assigned to A-wing pilot Sila Kott. She was shot down by TIE/IN interceptors and killed during the battle.[4]


Nien Nunb served as Red Three for the Resistance.[5] During the evacuation of D'Qar, C'ai Threnalli flew as Red Three.[7]



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