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This article is about the type of stars. You may be looking for the beverage or the red dwarf located within Wild Space.

Murk, a red dwarf in the Moddell sector.

A red dwarf was a type of dwarf star. Red dwarfs, similar to brown dwarfs, did not have enough fusion fuel at the beginning of their existence to become larger stars, and gave off light comparable to an average moon.[1]

Red dwarfs made up some 70 per cent of the stars in the galaxy, and had a very low chance of supporting indigenous life and tended to be uninhabited. The Manda sector, for instance, had some 84 inhabited star systems, but 344 red dwarf systems. Most red dwarf systems were cursorily surveyed by probots in the early years of the Galactic Republic and were left alone unless they appeared to have exploitable resources. Barab was a rare red dwarf that supported native life, the Barabels of Barab I.[1]

Red dwarfs were often companions to other stars, and any planets orbiting red dwarfs were likely to be small terrestrial worlds. Such planets tended to have minimal atmospheres, but potentially could contain mineral deposits of some value or rarity, or unusual ores.[2]



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