Redcap was a planet that was located in the Outer Rim Territories, situated near Socorro, Tatooine, and Issor. It was a barren, rainy world of fluid mud lakes, mud plains, canyons, and mountains that hosted a small-scale mining colony. The planet was populated by impoverished Human descendants of the mining colonists and lived in settlements at the bases of the mountain chains. Starships would sink in Redcap's thick mud, so landings were made in Tyma Canyon, which ran for several hundred kilometers across the planet's surface. Travel was conducted on olai, beasts of burden originally brought from a nearby moon.

Behind the scenesEdit

In an unpublished short story by Patricia A. Jackson, the New Republic forces faced the forces of the Protectorate, an Imperial Remnant faction ruled by Adalric Cessius Brandl, on Redcap.



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