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"They're heading for the Medical Frigate."
Wedge Antilles, during the Battle of Endor[4]

The Redemption was an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate in the Alliance to Restore the Republic's fleet. It was refitted with advanced medical facilities and served the fleet as the primary medical frigate, but could also hold its own in combat.


The Rebel Alliance had many such Nebulon-B escort frigates and used them for a wide array of purposes. The Redemption was a hospital ship, and most of its weapons had been swapped out for more shielding and sensors. The entire starfighter hangar was transformed into a hospital that could house over 700 patients. The survival rate for the injured was nearly 98%.[3]


Rebel fleet ESB

The Redemption with the rebel fleet

In the wake of the Battle of Hoth and utilizing the Rebel Alliance's scatter protocol, the Redemption was assigned to the fleet's Fourth Division.[7]

After Luke Skywalker was rescued from Cloud City, the Millennium Falcon brought him to the Redemption, where he was given a mechno-arm to replace the one he lost dueling Darth Vader.[2]

The Redemption later participated in the Battle of Endor—which was won by the Rebel Alliance[4]—where its medical services were pressed into service dealing with the multitude of injured personnel. Although the frigate survived the battle, one of the nurses on board, Able Nereno, was killed at his post when an oxygen tank exploded near him.[8]


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