Ree was a young male Twi'lek podracing pilot working for the Hutts, until he decided to leave them and work in a criminal scheme for up-and-comer crime lord Kaeline Ungasan.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ree began his career as an independent podracing pilot, employed by the Hutts. During this time, he made friends with Benkudi, a Dug living in Mos Espa, Tatooine.

After a short time, Ree decided that the Hutts were paying him too little. At this point, aspiring crime boss Kaeline Ungasan approached Ree with a better deal. Ungasan wanted to control the podracing in Ando Prime, and was willing to wrestle it from the Hutts with a new race, the Ungasan Cross Country. Ree agreed to work as the chief scout for race locations.

During his work, Ree found traces of precious metal Vonium, and reported it to Ungasan. Ungasan wanted to perform an illicit mining without buying the lands, but to do that they had to know the exact location of the vein. They decided to modify parts of podracers with scanning gear, and then sell them to the pilots at very low prices, knowing that many of these pieces would be knocked off during the race, and afterwards Ree could check the loose equipment. The Cross Country changed its course every time it was ran, secretly basing on the most probable seam sites, but officially to provide new and exciting challenges.

Ree bought the mining survey equipment to Miner's Union Hall manager Geon Justic, using some surplus from the CSA that had been provided by Ungasan. Ree also bought Justic's silence, and partial information about the Juaka Canyon, a gorge that Ree thought suitable for his scheme. Justic neglected to mention the savage native Talids that haunted the Canyon to reclaim lost machinery; he hoped the Talids would kill Ree, freeing Justic from any promise of future help. The Ungasan Cross Country crossed the Canyon, a point that claimed the lives of at least four pilots.

Ree did his best to hide his relationship to Ungasan and to the race in Ando Prime. People in the local town of Elesa believed that he was in a four-sentient survey crew researching the local fauna — except for Justic, who knew the truth.

Ree with podracer

Ree shrewdly thought that his friend Benkudi probably would try to sell any information he knew to the Hutts. Ree told Ungasan, and Ungasan in turn hired some thugs to beat Benkudi up.

However, by then, the Hutts already knew about Ungasan's plans and Ree's involvement. The Hutts hired some independent agents, who believed to be working for Ree's worried father Jer Blankuna. Really, Blankuna was not Ree's relative, but a Twi'lek agent of the Hutts. The Hutts organized a charade, including a false past for Ree saying that he had visited Aquilaris and Coruscant in pleasure trips.

Blankuna gave the unknowingly agents a tracking device, so that some mercenaries could follow them. As soon as the agents found Ree, the mercenary leader Davon Gitta had orders to capture Ree and kill any witness using his Gamorrean agents.

Ree and his team reached the Juaka Canyon in their Ikas-Adno 22-B Nightfalcon speeder bikes to scavenge the scanning devices from the podracer ruins. They were attacked by the Talids, who believed to be owners of the gadgets. During the shootout, they were found by Blankuna's independent agents, by Ungasan in person, by CSA thugs looking for Ungasa, and probably by Gitta's Gamorreans. The result of this multiple-side encounter is unknown.

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