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"Ree Duptom—he's the only one who ever got booted out of the Bounty Hunters Guild!"

Ree Duptom was a bounty hunter—a notably unpopular one—during the Galactic Civil War and pilot of the Venesectrix. He was apparently the only bounty hunter kicked out of the Bounty Hunters' Guild for falsely incriminating a pair of fellow guildsmen and profiting from their misfortunes. Others in the trade considered Duptom the lowest of scum, but it didn't stop him from being an independent hunter. Duptom used the same unethical method under Kuat of Kuat's payroll to make it seem as though Prince Xizor was behind the Imperial raid on the Lars moisture farm of Tatooine.

Some time in 3 ABY, Duptom was found dead by Boba Fett, having perished from radiation exposure to the Venesectrix engines. In one of the prisoner cages aboard the ship, Fett discovered that Duptom had been keeping a recently memory-wiped Neelah and brought her aboard Slave I for safe-keeping, along with the droid used to record the false evidence of the moisture farm raid. There was no hard evidence to determine whether Duptom died of his own carelessness in maintaining his engines or if it was purposeful sabotage. It was known that he had many enemies.

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Ree Duptom is an anagram of Tom Dupree, an editor at Bantam Spectra where Hard Merchandise was published.



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