"Dire circumstances demand that I must be blunt: I fear the Jedi Order will lose this war if they are allowed to continue in their role as the leadership of the Grand Army of the Republic."
―Wilhuff Tarkin, in his letter to Chancellor Palpatine[src]

"Reformation of Jedi military command" was the subject name of a memorandum signed by Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin addressed and sent to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine a few weeks after the Carida Incident.


The memorandum, written in the High Galactic script, recalled the events during the Republic strategy conference held in the Carida system and the Mission to Aut-O's flagship undertaken by D-Squad. For Tarkin, then-recent loss of the Negotiator, the near catastrophe caused by the explosion of the rhydonium-laden Renown Venator-class Star Destroyer and the decision to entrust an unexperienced military tactician and a group of droids with the task of retrieving something as critically important as the Separatist encryption module were worrying signs that the Jedi Order could cause the Galactic Republic's defeat in the Clone Wars. Tarkin thus suggested the relief of command from the Jedi, citing their ever-present reluctance to accept their military role.

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Source:  Star Wars: The Clone Wars official Facebook pageAttribution:  Wilhuff Tarkin

From: Wilhuff Tarkin, Military Command
To: Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Subject: Reformation of Jedi Military Command
Confirmed: SEND; TRAN 82/82; RECV
Context: 2E50; AADV; IMMD; ROPT
Phasecycle: PSEG6512389619839; SCAN; 00. 11BMUT; 00.30RMUT

Your Excellency,

Dire circumstances require that I must be blunt: I fear the Jedi Order will lose this war if they are allowed to continue their role as the leadership of the Grand Army of the Republic. These recent weeks have piled debacle upon debacle upon us, and I cannot sit in silence and still call myself a patriot. I have expressed concerns of this type to you in the past, and you've been generous enough to offer me an attentive ear. I know your time is valuable, so this is not mere repetition of earlier misgivings.

Republic Intelligence has concluded its inquiry into the Carida Incident, and I am appalled. The actions of the Jedi Council directly contributed to a dozen ships of the line complete with their experienced command crews being jeopardized by Separatist sabotage. The Jedi failed to prevent the capture of one of their cruisers, the Renown, and upon interception of encrypted transmissions regarding this plot, dispatched their own mission — separate from, and unsanctioned by, Republic Intelligence — to recover a decryption module. The Jedi Council placed in command of this most crucial operation an inexperienced military tactician and tasked a team of used droids to complete it. Their failure to complete the mission in a timely manner nearly resulted in the loss of all life at the Republic Valor strategy conference.

Yes, disaster was averted. But is a hair's breadth a comfortable margin in which to risk the outcome of a war? Factor in the recent loss of the Negotiator — an entire flagship destroyed while rescuing truant Jedi children in a sector far from the frontlines, we are left with an inescapable conclusion.

This is not how to run the war. As much as General Grievous is an abomination, at least the enemy sees the value in machine precision when organizing strategy. The Jedi offer no such discipline. They rely too much on wizardry and feelings. Such is unbecoming of soldiers. The Jedi have said it often: they did not wish for this role. I think the time has come to relieve them of it .

I have prepared a number of alternatives that I would like to present to you in person when your schedule permits it. Until then, I am ever your loyal soldier.

Yours faithfully,

Wilhuff Tarkin, Admiral.

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The document appeared in a Facebook post for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series two days after the episode "Point of No Return" aired in Canada; and three days after its airing in the United States. The Facebook post also questioned ominously whether it was "a sign of the times." The memorandum used coding similar to the one used by Sector Plexus from the Imperial Sourcebook.

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