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"Ummm... sorry. I -um- had to use the 'fresher. I'm leaving right now to get her."
―Spacer to Aaph Koden[src]

Han Solo and the Wookiee Chewbacca in a refresher

Refresher, or 'fresher—sometimes though rarely called bathrooms, rest rooms, or waste-disposal units—were rooms intended for the purpose of washing, bathing and releasing bodily wastes. Refreshers were known to contain any of the following fixtures: a shower—or sonic shower, sanisteam or turboshower—a bath—or sonic bath or ripple bath—a faucet and sink, effluvial rinser, toilet, and sanitizer. They came in various configurations, from small freshers for starships, to large ornate rooms in private residences. The temperature of the refresher was usually adjustable. Some refreshers contained privacy screens.

The term "refresher" is alternatively used to describe a toilet alone, rather than the whole washroom. Publicly-accessible refreshers could have stalls of varying sizes and configurations to accommodate different species, including beings as large as Hutts.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Refreshers do not appear in the apartments and houses explored in games, such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Galaxies. This is, of course, game mechanics, although there are exceptions. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter shows one in the animal herder's apartment on Outland Station. A public 'fresher can be visited by Kyle Katarn in Star Wars: Dark Forces, where he can surprise stormtroopers and mercenaries standing with their back to him along a line of urinals on Fuel Station Ergo. In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a datapad can be found in a refresher that belonged to Sien, the Mine Foreman at the Peragus Mining Facility. If played, Coorta's voice can be heard saying, "And shut that damn datapad off and throw it down the refresher."

In Robot Chicken: Star Wars, when Luke Skywalker throws a bomb into an AT-AT during the Battle of Hoth, it ends up in a refresher, where a snowtrooper (reading a copy of Naboobies) goes, "What in the f*ck is--" before the walker explodes.

In Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III, Darth Vader, after disco-dancing to show off his new armor, promptly runs to the refresher, and causes himself to lose his cape, eject the "mullet" on his helmet, play music, distort his voice, and eventually get his arm stuck in the toilet, as he tries to figure out how to get his armor off. Later in the special, Gary the Stormtrooper (a character who had appeared in the previous special) has to take over for his friend, the Death Star's pilot, who desperately needs to go. An hour after, the station spins out of control as Gary narrowly keeps the station from colliding with a planet (where his daughter goes to school), and during a montage where activities all around the station are disrupted, including stormtroopers on an escalator (where Palpatine had previously been angered after missing the elevator), stormtroopers showering (two are knocked into one another, hence implying accidental rape), Yarael Poof working in the cafeteria (where he had not been recognized by Palpatine and Vader earlier after having escaped the raid on the Jedi Temple, having been sent out for pizza), another stormtrooper being killed when a vending machine falls on him, Vader strangling another Rebel officer (the officer having been knocked into his Force grip after the impact), and Obi-Wan Kenobi being flung off the tractor beam power coupling, the co-worker is shown being flung out of his stall in the refresher, but lands in another stall, to his relief. Later still, he and another trooper, Carl, end up starting the fire in the Lars homestead after knocking over candles in the bathroom (this segues into a sketch where Luke and Obi-Wan take a Jawa Sandcrawler out for a joyride).



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