Reginard Base was a hidden Rebel base on the planet Reginard. General Halomar Corros and Captain Tony Franco once brought Dirk Harkness to work at the base as a mechanic.[1]

The base was operated by General Corros and his team of senior officers, including Imperial spy Major Tanya Madera, X-wing squadron Captain Tony Franco, Senior Technician Adonar Dellox, and Doctor Akimbo. Just before the base was able to deploy their passive sensor array on the other side of the planet, Dellox discovered an Imperial transmitter in the array and was killed by Madera, who infected him with the deadly triflexia virus. This caused Akimbo to examine all members of the base for the virus. A group of Rebels decided to investigate the death as well, as they did not believe it was an accident, but did not find much incriminating evidence and so instead helped repair the sensor array. When they went to deploy the array, however, Madera activated the beacon, bringing Hawker Bryce-Kelley to the planet in his ship, Queen's Victory. Corros asked the Rebels to investigate why he was landing near the beacon, and Bryce-Kelly soon explained to them that he was following a Stellar Class starport beacon which was located on the hill containing the sensor array. Madera soon attacked the group, who killed her. After this, the base detected an Imperial ship entering the system, but the group of Rebels managed to convince the crew to leave the system, keeping the Reginard Base a secret.

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