The Regnant was a Harrower-class dreadnought in the service of the Sith Empire during the Cold War and the Galactic War.


The Voidwolf

Grand Admiral Harridax Kirill, commander of the Regnant

The Regnant was the flagship of Grand Admiral Harridax Kirill, a former mercenary and slaver turned Imperial officer, and commanded by Captain Sirinek. The Grand Admiral, more commonly known as "the Voidwolf", commanded a sizeable fleet of pirate vessels and Imperial privateers.[2]

During the Battle of Corellia, the Voidwolf and his fleet prepared to attack Corellia's Republic shipyards, but was confronted by an enterprising smuggler and Republic privateer who had been conned into doing the Voidwolf's dirty work for him. Engaging the Voidwolf in battle, the smuggler defeated him on the bridge of the Regnant; the Voidwolf was subsequently killed when the grenade he had thrown at his opponent was casually tossed back at him. A failsafe activated with the Voidwolf's death, setting the ship to self-destruct, but the smuggler was able to reach the escape pods in time and returned to Corellia as the ship exploded.[1]


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