Rehz'nor was an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate belonging to the Rebel Alliance. The frigate played a supporting role during the Battle of Gaerboud IV, during which the Alliance attempted to interdict a shipment of TIE Avengers being ferried from the Sentinel manufacturing facility to the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Dauntless. The mission called for a number of Rebel starfighters to intercept and destroy the TIE Avengers. In the event that the Avengers, being flown by inexperienced workers rather than combat pilots, reached the Dauntless, the Rehz'nor was tasked with delivering additional X-wing and Y-wing starfighters to the theatre. These additional forces were to carry out torpedo runs against the Dauntless in an attempt to destroy it.

The Rehz'nor was also the local command ship of Green Squadron for at least a short time, including during the interrupted resupply Ambush of Rebel Alliance Frigate Rehz'nor, possibly following (or preceding) the Battle of Gaerboud IV.


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