"You look worried. And angry. Didn't I suggest that you relax? You'd think you'd just gotten a reprimand from Rei Soffran."
―Granta Omega, to Anakin Skywalker[src]

Rei Soffran was a male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the final years of the Galactic Republic.

Soffran served as a instructor at the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant and taught the intermediate level students. He was a revered teacher and his lectures were considered to be tough by his pupils. Students would be alarmed when summoned to Soffran's chamber, as the Jedi Master would use his abilities to isolate a student's faults and pinpoint their origins and their connections to other actions.[1]

In 25 BBY,[2] the crime lord and Force Blank Granta Omega mentioned Soffran while trying to surprise Padawan Anakin Skywalker with insider information about the Jedi Order, from which he attempted to seduce Skywalker to defect and join with him.[1]

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Soffran was first mentioned in Jedi Quest: The Shadow Trap, a novel written by Jude Watson and published on May 1, 2003.


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