"Lando Calrissian? Yeah, I've heard of him. He's pretty good at what he does. Course, being a close friend to those clean-cut, upper-crust, New Republic-types has ruined what could have amounted to a perfectly good rep. Me? Heck, if it pays credits, I'll do business with anyone, no questions asked."
―Reina Gale[src]

Reina Gale was a female Human swindler and deal maker residing on Entralla in the early days of the New Republic where she and her friend Rollos were always on the look to strike deals with anyone who could pay them.


As a child, Reina and her parents traveled from an unknown planet to the Minavar system on a colony expedition. Her family died, along with most of the colony population, a few years after because of a vicious virus, and she was placed in the custody of her uncle, a gambler, who eventually lost his entire fortune to a Hutt crime lord. The gambler took everything in the uncle's possession — including Reina, who the Hutt sold into slavery.

Reina remained in the possession of an Imperial slave master for nearly twelve years till one day she befriended the Gigoran Rollos, a new slave sold to the imperial by something as unusual as a Sullustan slaver. Being the only one in the slave camp who understood the Gigorian language, she befriended Rollos. Displeased with their friendship, the Imperial slavemaster ordered Rollos punished and Reina killed, but Rollos, sensing that his new friend was in danger, ended up single-handedly destroying the entire slave camp, and together Reina and Rollos made it off-planet in a stolen spaceship.

Begas Tok

Begas Tok on Entralla.

Reina and Rollos were inseparable and the best of friends. Reina was clever and extremely mischievous, having a knack for making deals that she and her friend benefited from greatly.

Dealing with Begas TokEdit

In the years following the Battle of Endor, Reina Gale and Rollos went to Entralla in order to sell Zipthar hexa-crystals to Begas Tok. The deal was interrupted by the intervention of the Pentastar Patrol. In fact, that was Tok who denounced the smugglers to the police. He would like recover both the crystals and the credits. Tok wasn't worried by the police because he just got a permit to conduct trade in hexa-crystals. Reina Gale and Rollos were tracked in Nexus City but eventually managed to escape.



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