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Reirin was a young female Tusken Raider who dreamed of proving herself to her people. She chafed at her clan's restrictions on women fighting, even though she was one of the best fighters in her clan. Eventually, Reirin left, having been hired by a trader in Mos Eisley to recover an item from a tribe of Jawas, in exchange for passage off Tatooine. She used the distraction of R5-D4's malfunction, after being purchased by Owen Lars and Luke Skywalker, to sneak aboard the sandcrawler. Once inside, she located and broke open a rusty chest containing wires, animal bones, and a green rock fragment. Taking the rock, she narrowly escaped being discovered by the Jawas. She studied the rock and felt a powerful connection with it. Reirin decided that it was more of a crystal than a rock, and to keep it rather than turn it over to the trader, intending to find another way offworld.[1]

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