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This article is about the short story. You may be looking for the character.

"Reirin daydreamed about proving to them who, exactly, was lesser. She daydreamed about taking her father's gaderffii and wreaking bloody havoc. And if not that, then simply proving herself."
―Excerpt from "Reirin"[src]

"Reirin" is a short story in the anthology From a Certain Point of View. The story, written by Sabaa Tahir, focuses on the point of view of Reirin, a young Tusken Raider.

Plot summary[]

The female Tusken Raider outcast Reirin is hiding behind a moisture vaporator, waiting for a chance to sneak aboard a Jawa sandcrawler. She needs a distraction in order to get onboard, and is frustrated by the bargaining going on between the Jawas and the moisture farmer purchasing a droid from them. An opening comes when one droid malfunctions, causing the farmer to get angry with the Jawas. Reirin uses it to slip under the sandcrawler, and climbs onboard before it rolls off. She's run away from her clan, chafing at their restrictions against women fighting, and has been hired by a trader to steal a rock from these Jawas in exchange for passage offworld.

The trader told her that it would be one of the colors blue, green or purple, and that the Jawas knew what it was. Sneaking around the sandcrawler, Reirin doesn't know where to find what she's looking for, but a feeling draws her toward a box. Breaking it open, she finds, amid various pieces of junk, a strange green rock that looks broken, which she is strangely drawn to. She knows it belongs to her, and can't imagine giving it up. Reirin is forced to flee the sandcrawler before the Jawas find her. Looking at the rock again, she decides it's actually a crystal, and decides to keep it and find another way offworld.


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