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"Lookit the way she's holdin' that lightsaber, Gudb. Think maybe she's a Jedi?"
―Rek, to Gudb, referring to Nomi Sunrider[1]

Rek was a tall male humanoid gangster who worked as an enforcer for the Hutt crime lord Bogga in the years leading up to the Great Sith War. Rek was a member of Bogga's enforcer gang, which operated out of the Stenness Node region of the Inner Rim. In 3999 BBY, a shipment of valuable Adegan crystals, in the possession of Jedi Knight Andur Sunrider, made its way onto the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal. Determined to obtain the jewels, Bogga sent Rek, along with fellow enforcers Quanto and Gudb, to get the crystals. Rek and Quanto created a diversion by knocking over the Jedi's protocol droid, A-3DO. Sunrider, who had brought the crystals to the station, was distracted by the altercation, allowing Gudb to release his pet gorm-worm, Skritch, who fatally bit the Jedi Knight. However, Sunrider's grieving wife, Nomi, took up her fallen husband's lightsaber, surprising Rek. In self-defense, Nomi attacked the three enforcers, slaying Rek as he drew his blaster.


"Hey! Watch where yer goin', droid!"
―Rek, to A-3DO[1]

Rek, a tall male humanoid, was a criminal enforcer affiliated with the Hutt crime lord Bogga in the years leading up the Great Sith War. Rek was one of Bogga's top men, and he accompanied the Hutt along with several other enforcers when Bogga stayed at the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal space station in the Stenness system. In 3999 BBY, word reached Bogga that a shipment of highly valuable Adegan crystals had made its way onto the station, and the Hutt decided that he needed to obtain the jewels at any cost. Bogga sent three of his enforcers—Rek, Quanto, and Gudb—to steal the crystals. However, Bogga warned the three that the possessor of the crystals, Andur Sunrider, was a Jedi. Rek, along with Quanto and Gudb, made his way to the docking bay, where Sunrider had landed his ship. The three eventually came across Sunrider; his wife, Nomi; daughter, Vima; and protocol droid, A-3DO. To create a diversion, Rek purposefully bumped into A-3DO and told Quanto to destroy the droid for getting in his way. This commotion drew the attention of Andur Sunrider, who came over to assist his droid. While the Jedi was distracted, Gudb released his pet gorm-worm, Skritch, who fatally bit Sunrider.[1]

Grieved, Nomi Sunrider knelt over Andur's corpse, only to see his Force ghost.[1] Nomi began speaking to her husband's ghost, something that piqued Rek's curiosity, as he could not see the ghost and it seemed to him that she was talking to the air.[2] The specter of the Jedi directed Nomi to pick up her fallen husband's lightsaber in self-defense. This action surprised Rek, who conjectured that Nomi could possibly be a Jedi as well. Suddenly, Nomi cut Quanto in half, and Rek was slain as well as he drew his blaster.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Blast him, Quanto. Space junk shouldn't talk back to flesh an' blood!"

Rek was a gruff, imposing enforcer who decided to make his living through crime. Rek held a disdain for droids, referring to them as "space junk" and believing that they had no right talking back to flesh-and-blood sentients.[1] After the death of Andur Sunrider, Rek found Nomi Sunrider's behavior odd, as it seemed to him that she was merely speaking to the air when she was in fact talking to her husband's Force ghost. Rek was also surprised when she took up her husband's lightsaber, and he reacted angrily to Nomi's slaying of Quanto before being killed himself.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Rek first appeared in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Saga of Nomi Sunrider, the second story arc of the Tales of the Jedi comic book series, written by Tom Veitch and released in 1993. Rek only appears in the arc's first issue, in which he is killed. In this appearance, Rek is illustrated by Janine Johnston.[1] Rek was also featured in the audio adaptation of these stories, in which he was voiced by Tony Sperry.[2]



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