"Really, most of us spend our lives trying to get something together, to find a purpose. He had that and more. He was one of the finest beings I ever met. When he died, the galaxy lost big."
―Han Solo[src]

Rekkon was a well-known Human male scholar from Roundtree system.[1]



Rekkon meets Han Solo

"We must make one brief trip to the Center, to cull the data I need and pick up the other members of my group."

Rekkon taught at the University of Kalla on Kalla VII and was an expert in organic–inorganic thought interfaces. When his nephew Tchaka disappeared, he founded a group looking for missing persons in the Corporate Sector. After a long search, his work led him to the Corporate Sector Authority Data Center on Orron III. At the facility, he learned of Stars' End, a prison complex on Mytus VII. However, he was killed by Torm Dadeferron, a member of his group who doubled-crossed him. Han Solo finished Rekkon's work, destroying Stars' End and freeing the prisoners, including Tchaka.[1]



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