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The Relby blaster pistol was a blaster pistol that was effective but uncommon in the galaxy. It was often overlooked for other pistols, like the DL-44. The Smuggler used a couple of these pistols before. They came in 3 models (Rough, Retooled, and Sporting) and 4 variants (Carbine, Repeating, Target, and Assault).[1]Blastech had a series of similar looking pistols, under their own name.


The Smuggler was sent a Rough Target model by Riley when he had escaped from the Imperials, and upgraded it after meeting with Happy Dapp. He also picked up many Rough Assault and Repeating models, as they were common among the rival gangs (such as the Black Hole Gang) as well as civilians. These models were exclusive to Burnin Konn. They are loosely related to the Relby K-23 blaster pistol, since they have slightly similar design, as well as the same manufacturer.

Models and variants[]

They came in 3 models (Rough, Retooled, and Sporting). The Rough model (top) was the cheapest and most easily upgradable, but also the weakest. The Retooled model (middle) had a cone nozzle fitted on the barrel, and was more effective but expensive than the Rough model. Finally, the Sporting model (bottom) had a scope as well as a power pack fitted under the barrel, and was the most effective, albeit expensive, model. They also came in four variants: Repeating, Carbine, Assault, and Target. Carbine variants were lightweight, but were considered the worst, since it traded off everything else. Repeating models had a faster rate of fire, firing in bursts of 3 bolts. The trade off was accuracy and range, so it was best employed as a close-up weapon. The Assault model had high damage and range, but the accuracy suffered slightly. The target model (arguably the best) had high accuracy and range, which meant that it's bolts were less powerful, but less likely to hit a target. However, they all looked the same, and only an expert could tell which is which.[1]



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