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Mother Rell was, at almost 300 local years (equivalent to four centuries standard), the oldest member of the Singing Mountain Clan of the Witches of Dathomir. Due to her advanced age, her powers of seeing the past and divining the future often left her in a confused state.

After Yoda saved her life, Rell negotiated with him over the remains of the Chu'unthor. Yoda had left the records with Rell, and had told her that one day in the far-off future, a Jedi Knight and his apprentice would come looking for the records located within the ship. She was to be the one to hand over the records after the Jedi freed her world from the Nightsisters.

When Luke Skywalker and Isolder arrived on Dathomir in 8 ABY, Rell recognized them as the pair Yoda spoke about long ago. She then prophesied Luke marrying, having children and starting up the Jedi Praxeum, and the death of Isolder.[2]

After the defeat of the Nightsisters, Rell turned over to Luke the materials Yoda left with her[2] and died peacefully shortly after.[1]



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