The Rellarins were sentient bipeds indigenous to Rellnas Minor, a moon orbiting the gas giant Rellnas in the Rell system.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Taller than most humanoids, Rellarins had an imposing appearance, with hands twice as broad as those of Wookiees, thick brown shell plates covering their bodies, and faces dominated by feeding spikes. Despite this imposing appearance, they were among the most peaceful, humble, and spiritual cultures in the galaxy, widely respected for their wisdom, ethics, and reverence for nature.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

Though Rellnas Minor had a varied environment, Rellarins primarily inhabited the polar regions of their moon. The Marbaral Peninsula, the Kanal Island Chain, and the Riha Archipelago were home to a variety of Rellarin communities. There were at least 57 distinct cultural groups among the Rellarins, each with their own language and religious practices. A typical Rellarin spoke four or more languages, usually those of their own tribes and their neighbors. Nanilas, the basis of the languages of the Riha Archipelago, was the most common root language.[1]

With a reverence for nature similar to the Ithorians, the Rellarins showed little interest in advanced technology. Few Rellarins left their homeworld, as they preferred to lead a simple, primitive life, with stone tools and clothes made from leather, furs, and homespun cloth. Their only export was their wisdom: their tribal leaders, or un'Yala, drew on their decades of experience and insight gained from hour-long ritual dances to answer difficult ethical and political questions. These sages were often Force-sensitives, and averaged well over two hundred years of age. The wisdom of the un'Yala was so admired by the Swaze of the Jidlor system that their political leaders visited Rellnas Minor every standard year to seek their advice. Tanlin Sha was the main un'Yala who advised the Swaze during the Galactic Civil War.[1] Later, the wisdom of the Rellarin served the New RepublicNew Republic Observer Moshene Tre was also a Rellarin un'Yala.[5]

Rellarins were also noted and admired for their competitiveness in sports. This was an expression of the strong work ethic in their culture, and was generally focused more on a desire to best personal records than the desire to defeat opponents.[1] Lunkar An, a Rellarin scout with the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, was a more extreme example of Rellarin competitiveness. In contrast with the stereotypically peaceful Rellarin personality, he had a fierce vendetta against the Rebel Alliance operatives Ma'w'shiye and Sisquoc after they beat his survival records on the planet Thrantin.[2] Most Rellarin athletes were not so hostile towards those who bested them, however.[1]



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