Relus was the fourth planet of the Beshqek system, located within the Deep Core. It was one of two terrestrial planets in the system and was orbited by a single moon.[1]

After the cataclysmic destruction of Relus's neighboring planet, Byss, in 11 ABY, the artificial Byss Run hyperlane connecting the Beshqek system to the Core Worlds began to collapse. Millions of Relus's inhabitants fled to nearby Prakith and beyond in an attempt to avoid being trapped in the system. Millions more, however, were believed to have been marooned on Relus when the Byss Run finally collapsed completely, leaving the Beshqek system all but unreachable.[2]

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Relus was first referenced in the Planet Hoppers article Byss and the Deep Core by Rodney Thompson in 2005, which first identified each of Byss's neighboring planets in the Beskqek system.[1] The planet was later tied into Byss's destruction in the 2009 reference work The Essential Atlas by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry.[2]

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