"Name the planet, rabbit. Our leader, Captain Valance, is waiting... and there's unimaginable bounty at stake!"
―Remel Fud, to Jaxxon[src]

Remel Fud was a mercenary and bounty hunter who worked for the notorious hunter Beilert Valance during the era of the Galactic Civil War. Originally based out of the Outer Rim Nembus sector, Fud was chased out of his home sector by Valance, then an ambitious young stormtrooper commander tasked with cleaning up the region. However, after leaving Imperial service and becoming a bounty hunter, Valance eventually enlisted Fud to join his new crew. After accepting Valance's offer, Fud aided the cyborg Valance in his obsessive hunt for an unnamed farmboy who had helped in the Rebel rescue of Princess Leia Organa from Imperial clutches.

In 0 ABY, Fud participated in Valance's destruction of Anglebay Station, a medical facility on Telos IV. There, he learned of a possible connection between the "farmboy" and Jaxxon, a smuggler based out of Nar Shaddaa. Valance dispatched Fud to follow this lead, and Fud tracked down Jaxxon down on Nar Shaddaa, capturing him and torturing him for information. However, Jaxxon refused to talk, and Fud was soon gunned down by the smuggler's partner, Amaiza Foxtrain. Fud survived his blaster wound but decided against returning to Valance's service, instead resuming his solo career as a bounty hunter.


Scourge of the Nembus sectorEdit

A native of the[1] Outer Rim[3] Nembus sector, the yellow-skinned alien Remel Fud made his bones as a mercenary and a bounty hunter, selling his blaster to the highest bidder. Fud worked for, at different times, Thalassian slavers, the Hutt Cartel and various other private employers, finding success despite the fact that he was never a particularly skilled fighter. Fud made up for his deficiencies in combat by staying ahead of the technological curve, always employing state-of-the-art gadgetry, including a torture device of his own design that he dubbed the "Agony Inducer."[1]

Fud's profile eventually grew large enough that he ran afoul of the Galactic Empire, which had sent a cunning young stormtrooper commander named Beilert Valance to clear the Nembus sector of undesirables. Valance's efforts were extremely successful, forcing many mercenaries, pirates and slavers to move camp further down the hyperlanes. Although Fud was among those forced to flee his home sector, he was dogged by rumors that he had sold out many local smugglers and pirates to Valance in exchange for money and clemency, accusations that he always vociferously denied.[1]

Whatever the truth was, Valance tracked Fud down some time later, although not to bring the bounty hunter to justice.[1] Valance had been forced to leave the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps after suffering severe combat injuries,[4] leading to his shattered body being rebuilt with mechanical parts.[2] Still devoted to the concept of Imperial justice, Valance started a career as a bounty hunter, and offered Fud a spot on the crew he was putting together. When Valance met his asking price, Fud happily accepted the offer, joining Valance's group on the starship Kill Switch.[1]

The hunt for JaxxonEdit

"Uh, I'd ask what's up, guys—but it feels like I am."
"A negotiable position, rabbit—once you name the planet where you served with Han Solo and the boy with the droids.
―Jaxxon and Remel Fud[src]

However, Valance was no longer the man that Fud remembered from their previous encounters in the Nembus sector.[1] Driven near to madness by his resentment of his cyborg form and a virulent hatred of droids, Valance had become obsessed with tracking down an unnamed Rebel who had played a part in the rescue of Alderaanian Princess Leia Organa from the Death Star battlestation in 0 BBY. In his hunt for the "farmboy," Valance led Fud and the gang across the Outer Rim, pillaging as they went. But while the pay was good, as time went on the jobs grew more and more gruesome and bizarre. That development culminated in 0 ABY, when Valance ordered his crew to attack and destroy Anglebay Station, a neutral and completely defenseless medical station on Telos IV where Valance had been outfitted with cyborg parts after his battle wounds.[1]

Although slaughtering a hospital full of sick, wounded and elderly people went against Fud's personal code of ethics, Valance offered so much money that he went along with the raid. Fud followed Valance as he and the crew stormed Anglebay Station, personally murdering a number of patients and staff. However, while trawling the in-patient bays, Fud happened to overhear a potentially lucrative piece of information: a senile old man's delirious ramblings about a man named Han Solo and a Lepi smuggler named Jaxxon. This piqued Fud's interest, as Solo, a Rebel hero for his actions at the Battle of Yavin, had an extremely valuable Imperial bounty on his head, and the old man's ravings implied that Jaxxon had some kind of association with him. However, Valance was interested in more than just the bounty—Solo was a known associate of the farmboy who was the object of his obsession, and the old man had mentioned an unnamed "boy" whom Valance believed might be him.[2]

Valance dispatched Fud to track down Jaxxon, who Fud knew operated out of the "Smuggler's Moon" of Nar Shaddaa, and extract information on the whereabouts of Solo and the boy. However, not trusting his unhinged boss, Fud went outside of the gang in picking someone to watch his back, recruiting a H'nemthe acquaintance named Dafi who had a longstanding grudge against Jaxxon. Accompanied by Dafi and some of Dafi's hired muscle, Fud tracked Jaxxon down on Nar Shaddaa,[1] cornering the Lepi in an alleyway and shocking him into unconsciousness with an electroshock net. Fud and his group hogtied Jaxxon and outfitted him with Fud's Agony Inducer, brutally torturing the rabbit-like Lepi as Fud pressed him for information on the location of Solo and the farmboy. However, Jaxxon proved to be intractable, and his gun-toting partner Amaiza Foxtrain arrived before the Lepi cracked. Foxtrain caught Fud's group by surprise and opened fire, gunning down Fud, Dafi and their backups.[2] Although Dafi died from his wounds, Fud managed to survive thanks to his tough hide. However, he quietly decided not to return to Valance's service, instead leaving to continue his career as a solo bounty hunter.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"We hear quite well, sir... where a large bounty is concerned!"
―Remel Fud, to Beilert Valance[src]

Remel Fud's passion was his work—that, and credits. Although Fud ultimately cared more about money than anything else, the yellow-skinned alien known by the nickname "Egghead" lived for the thrill of the hunt, considering himself a sportsman. As such, Fud usually abided by his concept of "fair game," considering the sick, the wounded and the defenseless off-limits. However, as his participation in the attack on Anglebay Station showed, he was willing to ignore even his most personal convictions if the money was right. Although Fud carried imposing size and thick, rubbery skin that made him resistant to blaster bolts, he was never much of a fighter—instead, he found success through his skill with technology. Always up on the latest gadgets, Fud favored the Golan Arms RGL-80 electronet grenade to catch his prey and the "Agony Inducer," a torture device of his own design, to keep them docile.[1]

Rumors abounded that Fud had collaborated with Beilert Valance during the Imperial stormtrooper commander's efforts to clean up the Nembus sector, and when Valance came to offer him a spot on his crew, Fud had no qualms joining up with the man who had chased him from his home sector. However, Fud soon began to sour on Valance, who had become a much different man after his injuries. Although Fud joined the attack on Anglebay Station, it violated his personal values, and Fud grew distrustful of Valance and what he saw as his growing insanity. Fud decided to cut ties entirely after his brush with death on Nar Shaddaa, instead wanting to once again refocus his life on his two passions: the hunt, and the profit.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Remel Fud first appeared in Star Wars 16: The Hunter, written by Archie Goodwin and released in 1978.[2] Appearing as a nemesis of the rabbit-like Jaxxon, "Fud" was named as an homage to Elmer Fudd, a Looney Tunes character who hunted Bugs Bunny.[5] Much of Fud's backstory, including his first name of Remel, was given 35 years later in The Not-So Magnificent Seven, a blog post written by Greg Mitchell.[1] During his appearance in the Marvel Star Wars series, Fud was illustrated by Walt Simonson.[2]



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