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"I helped found the Sith philosophy years ago. And even then, my lessers were content to rule mongrels in exile. But not me! I left then—as I intend to do again now. I reject Kesh—just as I rejected the Stygian Caldera! The stars are my domain. And I will have them again."
―Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa[src]

Remulus Dreypa was a male Baron and Jedi Admiral who fell to the dark side during the Hundred-Year Darkness. Following the Battle of Corbos which ended that conflict in 6900 BBY, he and several other Dark Jedi followers including Karness Muur, Sorzus Syn, and XoXaan were exiled by the Jedi Order to the Stygian Caldera. These Dark Jedi exiles discovered and conquered the Sith civilization on Korriban, forging it into the Old Sith Empire. During his time in Korriban, Dreypa played an important role in founding the Sith Order, a Force order which harnessed the powers of the dark side and pitted themselves against the Jedi. Eventually, he and several other like-minded Dark Jedi became no longer content to rule over "mongrels" in exile and sought to return to the wider galaxy and wreak vengeance against the Jedi and the Galactic Republic.

However, Dreypa's starship was intercepted and attacked by Jedi starships outside the Stygian Caldera. This pursuit eventually brought them to the remote planet of Kesh in the Unknown Regions. Both parties became trapped on the planet due to its strange magnetic field. Dreypa and his followers fought with the Jedi and devastated the planet. This battle would be remembered by the indigenous Keshiri people as the "Great Calamity" and evolved into the Keshiri legends of the Protectors and Destructors. In the end, Dreypa's Dark Jedi allies grew weary of his excesses and imprisoned him within his oubliette. They then made peace with their former Jedi adversaries and migrated to the planet's polar continent of Eshkrene where they established the Doomed, a Force-sensitive community which was devoted to finding a balance in the Force and protecting the Keshiri.

Remulus Dreypa would remained imprisoned within his oubliette for almost four thousand years. For millennia, the descendants of the Doomed maintained a watchful vigil over Dreypa's prison and remembered him as the "Great Weapon." They were determined to prevent him from posing a threat to Kesh and the wider galaxy again. During his absence, a second group of predominantly Human Sith known as the Lost Tribe of Sith established themselves as the rulers of the Kesh. In 2974 BBY, the Tribe's reigning Grand Lord Varner Hilts dispatched an expeditionary mission to explore the planet's South Pole. This expedition included the Sith outcast Parlan Spinner and Hilt's own daughter Takara Hilts. After making contact with the Doomed, Spinner learnt about the "Great Weapon" and sought to use it to settle scores with the Tribe.

Spinner and several Keshiri sailors stole Dreypa's oubliette and fled aboard their ship the Southern Star, which sailed back to Keshtah Minor, the Tribe's traditional domain. After awakening Dreypa, Spinner allied himself with the ancient Dark Lord, who was determined to return to the stars and to pursue vengeance against the Jedi and the Galactic Republic. However, he also agreed to help Spinner instigate a slave revolt against the Tribe. While Dreypa's newly-found allies had also taken Takara Hilts as a hostage, he lost this valuable leverage after the Sith princess and the Doomed leader Kaliska escaped back to Eshkrene and brought back the Doomed to battle Dreypa.

Dreypa led his forces against the Tribe's military at the Battle of the Marisota Floodplain. Despite initial successes, they sustained heavy casualties at the hands of the Tribe's airborne Skyborn Rangers. Dreypa and his followers retreated to the volcano Sessal Spire where the Sith Lord turned the table on his pursuers by unleashing his Leviathans, reptilian Sithspawn capable of draining the life force of sentient beings. Dreypa's Leviathans quickly wiped out both his pursuers and former allies, whom he rejected for failing to live up to his rigid Sith philosophy. The Doomed also arrived and attempted to destroy Dreypa and his Leviathans but were also no match for his mastery of the dark side.

Meanwhile, Lord Dreypa's former ally Spinner survived and allied himself with his former enemy Takara and the Doomed leader Kaliska. Prior to her death, Kaliska revealed that her people's Jedi forebears had hidden an operational interstellar-capable starship beneath the Circle Eternal, the Tribe's palace complex in their capital, Tahv. She urged them to destroy the starship in order to prevent the Sith Lord from returning to the galaxy. Following Kaliska's death, Dreypa learnt about the existence of this Jedi starship. He also defeated Takara in combat and took her hostage.

Despite Lord Dreypa's efforts, his adversary Spinner succeed in reaching the Jedi Starship and bringing it into the space above Kesh. Dreypa used his holo-emitter to contact the younger Sith and demanded that he hand over the starship. Knowing Spinner's affection for Takara, he threatened to harm her unless Spinner handed over the starship. Meanwhile, Dreypa and his Leviathans laid waste to the Tribe's capital Tahv, devastating much of the city. However, Spinner turned the tide of the battle by using the starship's laser cannons to destroy all of the elder Sith's Leviathans. He also succeeded in retrieving both Takara and Dreypa from the battlefield and took the starship on a joyride to Sessal Spire.

Spinner then "returned" the starship to Dreypa and jumped off the vessel's hull with Takara; landing safely in the Southern Ocean. Determined to return to the stars, Lord Dreypa took Spinner's bait and took the helm of the starship. However, Dreypa quickly discovered too late that Spinner had set the ship's autopilot for a one-way trip to Sessal Spire's crater. In the end, the Sith Lord was killed when the Jedi Starship crashed into the volcano, triggering an explosion that consumed both the starship and its passenger. The death of Dreypa ended both a major threat to the Sith Tribe on Kesh and the wider galaxy.


Jedi Exile[]

"Karness Muur. Remulus Dreypa. Xoxaan. Rivals themselves—but allies against the light. It took all the Jedi Order's might to defeat their horrid creations."
Kaliska about the Hundred-Year Darkness[src]

Remulus Dreypa (right) alongside XoXaan (left) and Karness Muur (center) during the Battle of Corbos

Wearing the title of Baron, Remulus Dreypa was originally a member of the Jedi Order and lived during the Hundred-Year Darkness, a century-long conflict between the Jedi and a splinter faction of Dark Jedi.[2] This conflict was the Second Great Schism that was known to have divided the Jedi Order throughout its history. These dark side-wielding Dark Jedi had discovered that wielding the Force at a sufficient intensity could allow them to bend life itself. They then pioneered the science of Sith alchemy which allowed them to mutate other lifeforms into monstrosities known as Sithspawn. At an unknown point, Dreypa for unknown reasons turned to the dark side and became an admiral of the Dark Jedi fleet.[4]

Dreypa was known to have participated during the Battle of Corbos in 6900 BBY, the last climatic conflict of the Hundred-Year Darkness which marked the defeat of the Dark Jedi. Other known Dark Jedi participants included Karness Muur, XoXaan, Sorzus Syn, and their leader Ajunta Pall. Following the battle, these Dark Jedi were exiled to the Stygian Caldera. There, they discovered the planet Korriban, which was home to the red-skinned Sith species. Using their mastery of the dark side, these Dark Jedi exiles subjugated the Sith and forged the first Sith Empire and Sith Order.[4][2] Dreypa himself played an important role in the development of the Sith Order and its philosophy. He believed that a true Sith should only live for themselves and that caring for others made one a slave of other individuals.[1]

Lord of the Sith[]

"…You were our great shame…it had to be put right!"
―Unidentified Rodian member of the Doomed[src]

Remulus Dreypa led a Sith part which left the Stygian Caldera

At some point during their exile in the Stygian Caldera, Remulus Dreypa received a powerful amulet from Sorzus Syn. A rival exile, Karness Muur, had already received another talisman created by Syn. From Sorzus Syn, he also learned that the Sith species was genetically close enough to humans to permit alchemical crossbreeding, a fact which interested the Sith Lord who had his eye on a Sith priestess and was worried to see his bloodline extinguish with him. During time life among the Sith, Dreypa also created oubliettes which would cause a being inside it to endure a living death, while also making them immune to sensors. It was intended to imprison Muur so that the Muur Talisman's influence would not escape from it, but it failed as Muur was assassinated before the oubliette could fulfill its purpose.[5]

Some years later, having increased their dark powers and strengthened their dominion over the Sith, Dreypa and some of his fellow exiles decided that it was time to take their revenge on the Jedi Order and their weak Republic. They then assembled a strike force, gathering their new armies and their twisted Sith beasts.[2] Prior to his departure, Dreypa also broke into the labs of Sorzus Syn and stole several Leviathan larvae.[3] These Sithspawn had been deployed during the Battle of Corbos and were capable of draining the life force of sentient beings. Dreypa and his Dark Jedi allies left their recalcitrant brothers behind them and ventured out of the Stygian Caldera.[2]

However, Dreypa and his forces came across a Jedi patrol composed of Corbos veterans looking for the Exiles, to make sure that they did not pose a threat to the Republic again. After a pursuit across the galaxy, the Jedi and Sith ships crash landed on Kesh, where the space battle became a tremendous clash of lightsabers and Force powers. Unable to call for reinforcements due to the strange magnetic field of Kesh, Dreypa and his Jedi adversaries fought with an unparalleled ferocity, devastating the planet by using all the weapons at their disposal including his Leviathan monsters. These events would be remembered by the native Keshiri people as the "Great Calamity." The Dark Jedi and their Jedi opponents became known as the Destructors and Protectors of Keshiri mythology.[2]

During this conflict, Dreypa quickly realized that the Talisman given to him by Syn had in fact been intended to trap his spirit. However, Dreypa altered the Talisman to enable him to use it to control the Leviathans and increase his life span. He also placed several Leviathan larvae into the volcano Sessal Spire, where they could mature and hibernate in safety for four millennia.[3]

Imprisonment on Kesh[]

"…If not for this amulet! Sorzus Syn gave it to me on Korriban, intending to trap my spirit. But once on Kesh, I altered it to help me survive—among other things. One betrayal thwarted another!"
―Remulus Dreypa[src]

Remulus Dreypa was sealed inside his oubliette

Ultimately, Dreypa failed to realize his ambitions of escaping Kesh and wreaking havoc on the galaxy. Horrified by the extent of damage and the destructive impact of the conflict on Kesh and its inhabitants, his own Dark Jedi allies turned against him. They sealed the Sith Lord in his own oubliette and formed a truce with their former Jedi opponents. Seeking atonement, the Jedi and the Dark Jedi then dedicated themselves to find the true neutrality between the dark and light sides of the Force, settling in the planet's south pole, Eshkrene, where they formed a new community, the Doomed. They also built a settlement known as the City of the Doomed. For thousands of years, the Doomed and their descendants watched over Kesh and the Keshiri, mounting guard initially on the prison of Remulus Dreypa and later began monitoring the influence of the Lost Tribe of Sith on Kesh.[2]

Two thousand years after the arrival of Dreypa on Kesh, another ship from the Sith Empire, the Omen, crashed on Kesh. The Omen and its sister ship Harbinger had been carrying a mining crew to Phaegon III to extract Lignan ores for the Sith Lord Naga Sadow's upcoming invasion of the Galactic Republic. During that mission, both ships were attacked by a Jedi starfighter and the Omen was knocked off-course while attempting to enter hyperspace. Due to the planet's strange magnetic fields and the heavily-damaged condition of the ship, the Sith crew and passengers would become permanently stranded on Kesh. While these Sith were predominantly Humans, they included several Red Sith, Massassi and one Houk named Gloyd. The Massassi succumbed to an unknown pathogen in Kesh's atmosphere while the Red Sith were killed during the Red Sith Purge in 4985 BBY.[6][7]

Under the leadership of Yaru Korsin, these Sith successfully subjugated the Keshiri population on Keshtah Minor[8] by claiming to be the legendary Skyborn of Keshiri religion.[9] They became known as the Lost Tribe of Sith which was ruled by a Grand Lord, who was selected from among seven High Lords. The Tribe experienced a power vacuum following the disappearance of the ruling Grand Lord Lillia Venn in 3960 BBY.[10] This power struggle lasted over nine-hundred years and devastated much of Keshtah Minor.[11] While the Doomed had considered intervening in Keshtah by 3000 BBY, they relented after a reformist Grand Lord named Varner Hilts came into power.[2] Besides rebuilding war-torn Keshtah Minor, Hilts improved the status of Keshiri in Sith society by allowing Force-sensitive Keshiri to join the Tribe. Most importantly, he successfully reunited the Tribe by committing it to reaching and annexing Alanciar, another continent which lay across the ocean.[8]

In 2975 BBY, the High Lord Edell Vrai developed a fleet of airships which allowed the Tribe to cross over the ocean and reach Alanciar. They initially encountered resistance from the Alanciari Keshiri, who had developed a militaristic civilization to resist any invasion from the Sith. The Alanciari traced their civilization to the arrival of Adari Vaal and a group of Keshiri exiles fleeing Sith rule in 4975 BBY. Vaal had initially supported the Tribe to improve her own social standing but had come to despise Sith rule; leading her to stage an unsuccessful uprising. While the Sith invaders suffered heavy casualties, the High Lord Korsin Bentado succeeded in killing the entire War Cabinet, the highly-centralized military government of Alanciar. Ultimately, the Tribe was able to win the support of the Keshiri by using the Alanciari man Jogan Halder to convince his people that the Sith were not a threat but were in fact the legendary Skyborn. Thus, the Sith succeeded in convincing the Alanciari to submit peacefully to their rule.[12]

Following the annexation of Alanciar, the Sith gained access to lumber and the Alanciari's naval tradition. This allowed the Tribe to build a fleet of wooden sailing ships which enabled them to explore the unknown regions and seas of Kesh beyond Keshtah and Alanciar. In 2974 BBY, One such exploratory ship, the Southern Star was sent to explore the Eshkrene and made first contact with the Doomed. Following a skirmish which ended with the death of several crew including the ship captain Chegg, the remaining crew including Parlan Spinner, an exiled Sith anarchist, and Takara Hilts, the daughter of Grand Lord Hilts, were captured by the Doomed and brought into their city. The leader of the Doomed, a S'kytri named Kaliska, told Spinner and Takara about the history of her people. The mysterious "Great Weapon" of the Doomed piqued Spinner's interests. Spinner viewed the weapon as an opportunity to settle scores with Tribe. The anarchist escaped and wounded the guards guarding Dreypa's oubliette and stole it with the intention of using it to destroy the Tribe and its institutions.[2]

Spinner also freed the Keshiri crew of the Southern Star and fled aboard their boat before the alarm was sounded. Convinced by Kaliska of the danger of the "Great Weapon", Takara Hilts and the latter tried to prevent Spinner from opening the sealed box, but arrived too late to stop the emergence of Remulus Dreypa from his prison after four thousand years of imprisonment.[2] Following the Sith Lord's awakening, Spinner and the Keshiri crew immediately sided with Dreypa and pledged their allegiance to him. Meanwhile, Kaliska and Takara were taken captive and imprisoned within the ship's hold. While Kaliska submitted and entered into a state of meditation, the Sith princess resisted her captors and had to be restrained in chains.[3]

Dreypa's Rebellion[]

"…You expect me to believe that an entire Sith civilization sprang up on Kesh while I was away?"
―Dreypa questioning Spinner about the Lost Tribe[src]

Dreypa, finally freed.

After several days of voyaging across the Southern Ocean, the Southern Star arrived in Keshtah and landed at the port town of Eorm, Spinner's hometown. During the voyage, Spinner became acquainted with Lord Dreypa and related to him the historical origins of the Lost Tribe of Sith and their empire. The Sith Lord was surprised that an entire Sith civilization had developed on Kesh while he had been imprisoned in the oubliette for millennia. Lord Dreypa was grateful towards the Sith rebel for freeing him and swore vengeance against the descendants of his Dark Jedi allies who had imprisoned him within his own oubliette.[3]

Since he had been imprisoned in stasis for a long period, Lord Dreypa was slowly recovering his memories but could not remember all his powers at the moment. Spinner also related to Lord Dreypa that Eorm was his hometown and expressed his desire to destroy the town as a means of proving the Sith Lord's powers. Dreypa agreed to level the town but first had to attend to his two captives: Kaliska and Takara. Lord Dreypa had spared Takara Hilts since her father was the leader of the Lost Tribe and he felt that she would be useful as a hostage for future bargaining.[3]

While on the outskirts of Eorm, Dreypa sensed panic emanating from the town and decided to use the city to display the extent of his powers to his new allies and their prisoners. The local townsfolk had failed to meet their quota of producing enough sailcloth to supply the Lost Tribe's fleet of wooden ships. As punishment, the local Sith Lord Galathos had ordered his troops to raze several houses. When a local Keshiri begged for mercy claiming that the townsfolk had labored day and night to meet the order, Galathos used the Force to choke the man. Galathos also added that the reformist Grand Lord Hilts was too far away to stop such abuses. However, Galathos was interrupted by Lord Dreypa himself who killed him by using powerful Force lightning bolts.[3]

Dreypa then used the Force to conjure flames, incinerating Galathos's troops. After this fiery display, Spinner rallied the crowd of slaves who had become dazed by the power of Dreypa, stating that the Tribe's rulers in Tahv had let the people down and that this new Sith Lord would fight for them against their oppressors. However, Dreypa interrupted Spinner to tell the crowd that he was fighting for nobody and that he would not stay on Kesh.[3]

The Sith Lord harangued the onlookers for not keeping to the true Sith path but promised that he would overthrow the tribal leadership, whom he derided for becoming lax and complacent through the exploitation of others. Dreypa also vowed to return to the stars which he described as his domain. Finally, the Exiled urged the townsfolk to join him in order to get revenge against their former tormentors. Dreypa's speech calling for the people to "break their chains" had a spell-binding effect on the people of Eorm.[3]

The Two Hostages[]

"Your Tribe will serve me—once I show them what it means to be Sith!"
"This is our world, Dreypa! The Tribe will resist you!"
―Remulus Dreypa and Takara Hilts[src]

Dreypa displaying his Force powers in Eorm

Among the observers were the captive Sith princess Takara and the S'kytri Doomed leader Kaliska. Kaliska warned the Sith princess not to underestimate the dangers of Dreypa's powers since he had once threatened the entire planet. However, Dreypa overheard their conversation and quickly recognized the winged S'kytri woman as one of the descendants of one those Dark Jedi who had betrayed him and sealed him within the oubliette.[3]

Dreypa then revealed that he had been able to survive within the oubliette for several millennia because of an amulet that his rival Sorzus Syn had given to him on Korriban with the intention of trapping his spirit. However, Dreypa had altered the amulet's powers to help him survive his captivity within the oubliette. While Dreypa still had not fully regained his memories, the Sith Lord recalled that there was something he was looking for. He asked Kaliska if it was with her people but the woman feigned ignorance and claimed that she was only concerned with the well being of the Keshiri natives.[3]

Dreypa then boasted that his campaign would not stop at Eorm and that the Lost Tribe would eventually come to serve him. However, Takara responded that this was her Tribe's homeworld and that they would resist him. Dreypa then insulted Takara by threatening to kill her father Grand Lord Varner Hilts whom he derided as a "fool." Meanwhile, Dreypa's new "partner" Spinner went to the guardhouse at Eorm where he retrieved the lightsabers of the deceased Sith. Upon returning back to the village, Spinner gave one of these lightsabers to Dreypa.[3]

In return, Dreypa conferred the rank of Sith Lord on the young man and instructed him to distribute the remaining lightsabers to his newly-formed peasant army. Dreypa then announced that they would march on the Tribe's capital at Tahv. Takara chided Spinner for his willingness to betray his own people and to collaborate with an enemy. However, Spinner would have none of her lecturing and disowned the Tribe as his people, claiming that he aligned himself with the Exiled in order to overthrow the ruling elite.[3]

Takara then tried to insult Spinner by claiming that Dreypa would take all the glory for himself. She then told him to scurry back to Dreypa's side and disparaged the young man as little more than a slave who had changed his master. Dreypa regarded the Sith princess Takara as a valuable hostage that he could used as leverage in negotiations. He then ordered two Keshiri guards to take Takara and Kaliska into captivity. However, the Sith princess had stolen two lightsabers and quickly felled her captors once they were out of sight. Kaliska then convinced Takara to return with her to Eshkrene and rally the Doomed in order to counter Dreypa's plans. The two women fled and also took all the uvaks of Eorm with them, depriving Spinner and Dreypa of an "air force."[3]

Retreat to Sessal Spire[]

"Imagine if we bowed down for every slave that taught himself some Force tricks and put on a ridiculous outfit! Take him, troops. And try not to catch whatever disease has made him mad!"
―Iliana Hilts, underestimating Dreypa's powers[src]

Dreypa using Force lightning in combat

Meanwhile, the Lost Tribe, advised of the Eorm insurrection but not of the presence of Dreypa, gathered its warriors under the command of Varner's wife Iliana, and marched against Dreypa and his followers in the Marisota Floodplain, a large plain which had been the site of many battles between rival Sith Lords. Grand Consort Iliana initially dismissed the Eorm incident as a mere slave rebellion but expressed concern at the vast numbers and level of organization.[3]

During the battle, Dreypa and Spinner eliminated many of their Sith opponents. Spinner took advantage of the fighting to settle scores against his opponents for real and perceived wrongs. While Dreypa killed several opponents with Force lightning, Spinner cruelly threw daggers into the chest of an enemy Sith warrior. As the man bled to death from his wounds, Spinner claimed that he had returned and was teaching the man a "history lesson" and that some people would be more excited about it than others.[3]

However, the tide of the battle changed when the Grand Consort sent forth her air forces, the Skyborn Rangers, who wiped out much of the Dreypa's untrained peasant army with their glass daggers. Facing defeat, Dreypa chided Spinner for his failure to also utilize uvak steeds. However, Spinner explained that their army lacked any professional riders and added that it took several months to learn how to fly an uvak. Spinner suddenly recalled that the guards with their two hostages had not yet caught up with the main army. An argument broke out between the two commanders when Spinner argued that their forces had moved too fast.[3]

Dreypa was unconcerned and expressed his impatience with reaching the capital Tahv in order to escape Kesh. Despite experiencing periodic memory losses since his revival, Dreypa finally remembered the existence of the Leviathans and ordered his surviving troops to follow him to the Sessal Spire, a large volcano that was situated in a peninsula south-west of the battlefield. Their retreat was observed by the Lost Tribe's commanders and Iliana gloated that the enemy was entering into a trap since the volcano was a dead end at the rim of the continent Keshtah Minor that overlooked the Southern Ocean.[3]

Spinner and Dreypa eventually reached the molten crater of the volcano. By then, Spinner had begun to doubt the mental health of Dreypa, and tried to negotiate his surrender with Iliana and the other Lost Tribe pursuers. The Grand Consort immediately recognized Spinner as the same man who had attempted to assassinate her husband in Tahv. Spinner however tried to maintain a cheerful disposition and offered to make a deal with the Tribe since his leader had apparently turned insane. He cheekily remarked to Iliana that her husband Varner would have just dismissed his involvement in the uprising as another one of his pranks that had gone wrong. However, Iliana was unwilling to give any quarter to the young anarchist and threatened to throw him into the lava after they had killed the ringleader.[3]

Iliana then turned her attention to the ringleader Dreypa, who insulted the Grand Consort for her marriage to a "doddering old man." He offered Iliana the opportunity to become his new consort and claimed to be a true Sith with "real" power. Iliana rejected the offer and stated her preferences for Varner, who according to her had no delusions of grandeur. Iliana then disparaged Dreypa as a mere slave who had taught himself some Force tricks and donned a ridiculous outfit. She then ordered her troops to throw Dreypa and Spinner into the molten crater. However, Dreypa used his talisman to awaken three fully developed Leviathans. The ancient Sithspawn had been developed during the Hundred-Year Darkness and had a fearsome reputation throughout the galaxy. The Sith Lord had earlier stolen them from his rival Sorzus Syn's laboratory on Korriban.[3]

Unleashing the Leviathans[]

"Unless Dreypa is stopped, more than your capital will be lost! The stars themselves will suffer!"

Dreypa's leviathans at work

Having awakened his Leviathans, Lord Dreypa ordered them to kill all the Sith present, including both the Tribe loyalists and the rebels. Spinner and Iliana barely managed to escape with their lives as the massive monsters began using their tendrils to pluck Sithlings. The Leviathans then drained all the life energy within their prey, leaving behind shriveled husks. The Leviathans also absorbed the knowledge of their prey which Dreypa also gained accessed to. Spinner attempted to save his own life by begging his former ally to spare him. However, Dreypa rejected Spinner's pleas on the basis that he had no allies and that his so-called allies had betrayed him centuries ago.[13]

Dreypa regarded the Leviathans as all the help that he needed. In the middle of the feeding frenzy, Dreypa and his Leviathans came under attack from the "Doomed", who had just flow across the Southern Ocean from Eshkrene by riding their uvak steeds. Kaliska herself led the attack and ordered her warriors to target the Leviathans' blister traps and exhorted her men to fight for the fight they had been born for. Dreypa then unleashed Force lightning on the attackers. At that point, Spinner took the opportunity to desert Dreypa. She attempted to execute Spinner for his treachery but the two were then distracted by the cries of Iliana who had been captured by a Leviathan.[13]

Soon, Takara too was captured by the Leviathan. At that point, Spinner intervened and attacked the Leviathan. He used his daggers to puncture the beast's blister traps. A freed Takara then threw her lightsaber to Spinner who then used it to slay the Leviathan. While Spinner and Takara had managed to save the life of Iliana Hilts, she had been aged by the Leviathan. She was no longer the young warrior queen but was now an old woman. From that point, Spinner and Takara joined forces to stop Dreypa's ambitions.[13]

The Doomed were busy keeping the Leviathans preoccupied which allowed the three Humans to escape the battlefield before more Leviathan larvae hatched. Takara and Spinner then loaded the debilitated Grand Consort aboard an uvak. By that stage, Dreypa had gained the upper hand over the Doomed through the use of Force lightning and the Leviathans' awesome powers. One of his Leviathans managed to catch a Rodian member of the Doomed in one of its blister trap.[13]

Since the Sith Lord commanded the Leviathans, he was able to absorb their knowledge and quickly learnt that the Doomed were the descendants of the Jedi and Dark Jedi who had imprisoned him within the oubliette. While he knew that the Doomed had pledged never to go to war again near the Keshiri, they had broken that rule in order to stop him. At that point, Dreypa learnt through the absorbed memories of his defeated foes that his ancient forebears had hidden something from him.[13]

The Jedi starship[]

"The starship is in Tahv, my pets. Take me there. I won't bother to enslave such sorry henchmen this time…you can feed on the entire world once I'm gone"
―Remulus Dreypa[src]

Dreypa gloating over his triumph at Sessal Spire

The sole Sith survivors of the massacre at Sessal Spire were Spinner, Takara, and Iliana. The S'kytri woman Kaliska was the lone survivor of the Doomed on Keshiri since most of her brethren had been slaughtered by Dreypa's Leviathans. While Takara was guiding the uvak carrying her mother, Kaliska had a brief conversation with Spinner. Since Dreypa's Leviathans had been too strong for even the Doomed to handle and that he was rapidly learning their secrets, Kaliska suggested that they combine their assault with the Tribe's remaining forces. However, Spinner dismissed the idea since he felt that the Tribe's leadership would have regarded her as a freakish alien in the same vein as the Leviathans.[13]

During the conversation, Spinner and Takara learnt from Kaliska that the ancient forebears of the Doomed had hidden a Jedi starship within the Keshiri burial cairns beneath the Circle Eternal, the center of the Lost Tribe's government and the Hilt's palace at Tahv. Kaliska explained that Doomed had sworn never to leave Kesh as long as they had remained Force-sensitive. Kaliska managed to convince Spinner and Takara to destroy the vessel before Dreypa could get his hands on it. While Kaliska still distrusted Spinner, they were forced to settle for him because his expertise as a grave robber had allowed him to break into the catacombs and find the starship within hours. In exchange, Kaliska offered to accompany Spinner in order to make sure he carried out the task. Spinner also agreed to ferry Takara's debilitated mother Iliana back to Tahv on her uvak where the Tribe's Force sages could treat her.[13]

Dreypa and his Leviathans quickly caught up with party. Spinner and Iliana managed to escape on the uvak back to Tahv. However, Kaliska was captured by one of Dreypa's Leviathans which proceeded to drain the S'kytri woman of her life energies and memories. Dreypa quickly found through his close Force bond with the Leviathans that she was the last survivor of the Doomed, whom he derided as traitors and fools who had betrayed and imprisoned him within the oubliette. He taunted Kaliska by claiming that her people's exile had been self-inflicted and ultimately futile to prevent his re-emergence. He quickly learn that the Doomed's forebears had hidden the Last Hope in Tahv, the Tribe's capital. Dreypa then ordered his pet Leviathans to transport him to Tahv.[13]

Dreypa was unwilling to enslave the planet which he regarded as a primeval backwater since he was more interested in conquering the galaxy. Instead, he allowed his Leviathans to feed on the entire planet after he had left. However, Dreypa was interrupted by Takara, the Sith princess who had stayed behind to delay him. She promised that Kesh would instead eat him and reiterated that the planet belonged to the Lost Tribe. Dreypa taunted her by remarking that the Tribe had already sent its best forces against him and that she was the sole survivor.[13]

However, Takara replied by taunting the Sith Lords that the Tribe had broken chains from people like him a long time ago. Takara was referring to the red-skinned Sith rulers of the ancient Sith Empire whose forebears had enslaved the Tribe's Tapani human ancestors. The two Force-users then engaged in a duel with lightsabers and Force lightning but Dreypa quickly gained the upper hand due to his superior mastery of the Dark Side. He then took the Sith princess captive.[13]

Fighting the Vandal and Princess[]

"Spare me your lies. Kaliska saw you save Takara—While she was helping her mother. You all sicken me! Sith care about power—caring for another makes you that person's slave! But I waste my breath…"
―Dreypa expressing his disgust at Spinner's affection for Takara[src]

Dreypa delivers an ultimatum to Spinner

Meanwhile, Spinner and Iliana made their way back to Tahv. After Iliana was taken away to be treated by the Tribe's sages, Spinner sneaked into the burial cairns beneath the Circle Eternal. There, he found the Last Hope. However, he failed to fulfill his promise to destroy the vessel and instead headed into space. Spinner's escape from Tahv caused extensive damage to the surrounding area. Within minutes, Spinner had reached the space above Kesh and marveled at his first sight of the Kesh system.[1]

However, Lord Dreypa sensed Spinner's departure through the Force and used a holo-emitter he kept on his person to contact the Sith outcast by activating the ship's hologram projector. The Sith Lord commented that the late Kaliska had been right to distrust the young Sith. He denounced Spinner as a sniveling slave who had stolen something he wanted. Dreypa explained that Kesh's magnetic field was limiting the range of the Last Hope which enabled him to transmit his ultimatum via his holo-emitter.[1]

Lord Dreypa then threatened to use his Leviathans to destroy Tahv unless Spinner returned the Last Hope. However, Spinner was undaunted by Dreypa's threats and claimed that he did not care about the fate of his own tribe since they had marginalized him since his birth. Dreypa then presented the captive Takara Hilts, his former foe who had become an unlikely ally after Dreypa turned on him. Hilts was in the grips of one of Dreypa's Leviathans after the Dark Jedi had beaten her in combat.[1]

After reading through the S'kytri woman Kaliska's memories, Dreypa found that Spinner had a weakness: he secretly loved and cared for the Sith princess. On the ship's intercomm, Spinner tried to downplay his affection for Hilts by claiming that they were enemies. However, Dreypa did not believe the young man's lies since he knew that Kaliska knew that Spinner had earlier saved Takara by helping bring home her mother to Tahv.[1]

Dreypa was sickened that the so-called "Sith" Tribe on Tahv cared about other sentient beings since it contradicted the Sith credo that Sith adherents should only care about power. Finally, Dreypa offered to trade Takara and Kesh for the ship. He instructed Spinner to meet them in Tahv in exchange for allowing Spinner to rule the planet after his departure. Takara herself was enraged at being described by Dreypa as Spinner's weakness. In a fit of rage, she told Spinner to leave Kesh by claiming that no one on the planet cared about him and warned him not to return to the planet.[1]

Dreypa then ended the transmission with Spinner and left the youth to ponder his ultimatum. Ultimately, the Sith outcast was moved by Dreypa's ultimatum and realized the destructive and cruel tendencies of the ancient Sith Lord. He realized that he could not live with sacrificing his entire world to Dreypa's wrath and abandoned his desire to escape Kesh and explore the galaxy. Spinner then headed back to Tahv and asked the Last Hope's computer to give him a quick tutorial on operating the vessel's weapon systems and tractor beam projector.[1]

A Climatic Confrontation[]

"Course change not available. Course already programmed and locked. Planet Kesh, coordinates Sessal Spire Caldera. Enjoy the ride. Thank you."
"No! No! Nooooo!!"
―The starship's autopilot and Dreypa during his last moments[src]

Dreypa was angered by the destruction of his Leviathans.

Meanwhile, Dreypa launched his attack on Tahv and quickly laid waste to much of the Tribe's capital. An aged Iliana Hilts led the defense of the city but even the Tribe's elite Sith Sabers proved no match for his monstrous Sithspawn. One Leviathan even broke into the Grand Lord's palace just as the scholarly Varner Hilts had begun efforts to evacuate the Tribe's prized tomes. The monster was about to devour the elderly Sith Lord when Spinner arrived over the palace in the Last Hope. Spinner then used the ship's tractor beam projector to drag the Leviathan into the skies. He then used the ship's turbolaser cannons to destroy the beast. Spinner also used the starship's intercom system to announce to the Grand Lord that he had come to help the Tribe. Spinner then killed several of the remaining Leviathans by strafing them with his turbolaser systems.[1]

Lord Dreypa was furious when he saw his pets being wiped out by the Last Hope. Soon, the Sith Lord was left with only one Leviathan and his hostage Takara who was still trapped in the beast's tendrils. Dreypa then ordered his Leviathan to leap on top of a tall building to meet Spinner and his starship. The Dark Lord repeated his ultimatum and threatened to murder the Sith princess. However, Spinner remained defiant and told the Sith Lord that he was "going to send him back to his coffin in pieces." At that point, Takara used Force lightning to attack the massive Leviathan, beheading the monster. As the beast descended to its death, she and Dreypa leapt onto the hull of the Last Hope. Realizing that he had both Takara and Dreypa, Spinner took the starship on a fast spin to the Southern Ocean.[1]

Due to its advanced engine systems, the vessel reached the shores of Keshtah within seconds. Spinner then stopped the vessel and hovered over the ocean before opening the cockpit's canopy. He claimed that he was ready to deal with the Sith Lord and apologized for destroying his monstrous "critters." He offered the Sith Lord the opportunity to leave Kesh for good in return for taking his deal to rule the planet.[1]

However, Dreypa threatened to kill both Spinner and Takara for the trouble they had caused him. Before he could kill them however, Spinner grabbed Takara and they jumped from the vessel into the ocean below. However, Spinner had earlier reset the ship's computer to take the vessel on a one-way course into Sessal Spire's caldera. To prevent Dreypa from changing the ship's course, he had the course program locked. As planned, Dreypa re-entered the ship's cockpit and strapped himself into the seat.[1]

Dreypa meets a fiery demise in Sessal Spire

At first, Dreypa gloated over his escape from death and tried to set the ship on a course for Coruscant. There, he intended to seek vengeance against the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order. However, the ship's computer announced that the vessel was set on a one-way course into Sessal Spire's caldera. Dreypa was unable to alter the ship's course since Spinner had tampered with the controls. Thus, the Dark Jedi was trapped in a metal death trap as the vessel crashed into the volcanic crater. With that, both the Sith Lord and the Last Hope, the only means of getting offworld on Kesh, were destroyed.[1]

Dreypa's death ended a major threat to the Lost Tribe's existence and prevented any knowledge of Kesh from reaching the wider galaxy. Meanwhile, the former Sith outcast Spinner was welcomed by his former enemies as the hero who had saved Tahv and the Tribe from annihilation at the hands of Dreypa's Sithspawn. He would became one of Grand Lord Varner's Hands and developed a romantic relationship with Varner's daughter and his former enemy Takara Hilts.[1]


"Curse that fool Dreypa and his blasted oubliette!"
―Karness Muur's spirit[src]

During the Mandalorian Wars, an oubliette of Dreypa came into the possession of Pulsipher, a Mandalorian scientist who threatened to place Zayne Carrick into it if the young Jedi did not tell him how to use the Muur Talisman, which Pulsipher had found on Taris. During the events that followed, Pulsipher was killed and the power of the Talisman unleashed when the Jedi Knight Celeste Morne was possessed by the spirit of Dreypa's rival, Karness Muur.[5] To prevent Muur from raising legions of rakghouls and threatening the galaxy, Morne then unknowingly fulfilled Dreypa's original wish, imprisoning herself, Muur spirit and the Talisman into the oubliette.[14]

The oubliette stayed into the ices of Jebble during thousands of years, but it was later found by a group of miners and opened by Darth Vader during the early days of the Galactic Empire. Freed from his agony, Muur cursed Dreypa for the oubliette's creation. As for Morne, tormented and partially under the control of Muur, she engaged a duel with Vader, forcing him to flee, and subsequently ordered stormtroopers turned rakhgouls to destroy the oubliette of Dreypa.[15]

Personality and traits[]

"…I was wondering maybe we can cut some kind of deal? Because this guy up there—well—I think he might be crazy."
―Parlan Spinner's impression of Dreypa's mental state[src]

Remulus Dreypa delivering a speech

As one of the founders of the Sith Order, Remulus Dreypa only cared for himself and strongly believed that caring for other people was a form of slavery.[1] For much of his life after the defeat of the Dark Jedi during the Hundred-Year Darkness, Dreypa had committed himself to the goal of returning to the stars to wreak vengeance on the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. Due to his Sith beliefs which emphasized furthering one's ambitions at the expense of others, Dreypa viewed all other sentient beings he encountered as lesser beings who had to be either destroyed or impressed into his service.[3]

Dreypa was a charismatic speaker who was able to rally people to his cause by using his Force powers to channel people into fighting against those who had committed real or perceived wrongs against them. Due to his millennia-long imprisonment within his oubliette, Dreypa was driven insane by his personal ambitions and also suffered from memory loss. However, Dreypa gradually regained knowledge of his former powers and weapons after being freed from his oubliette. Dreypa's fighting abilities, dark side powers, and his Leviathan Sithspawn would make him one of the greatest challenges that the Keshiri and Lost Tribe faced throughout the history of Kesh.[3]

Dreypa also had a hot temper which he used to fuel his dark side powers, including Force lightning. As an Admiral who had led military fleets, Dreypa was angered by the incompetence of his military forces whose lack of air support led to their defeat during the Battle of the Marisota Floodplain. During the retreat to Sessal Spire, Dreypa descended into a state of madness which resulted in him shouting and ranting continuously. Dreypa's behavior was observed by his former minion Parlan Spinner, who decided to desert the Sith Lord at that stage.[3]

Despite his selfish outlook, Dreypa was not above taking an interest in the opposite sex. He found Grand Consort Iliana Hilts attractive enough to attempt to seduce her into becoming his consort. However, Iliana would reject his attempts at seduction. Incensed, the Sith Lord would unleash his hibernating Leviathan Sithspawn on the Tribe's forces.[3] His exploitative attitude towards female characters was also exhibited by Dreypa ordering his Leviathans to devour the Doomed leader Kaliska,[13] and his attempts to use the Sith princess Takara Hilts as "insurance" to force Spinner to return his starship.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

One of the original Sith Lords, Dreypa was a formidable adversary. He was skilled in the use of Force lightning and convection, and was proficient in Sith Sorcery. He also wielded a red lightsaber with proficient skill.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Remulus Dreypa was first mentioned in the Star Wars: Vector, a comic storyline released in 2008 which intersected separate storylines from different comic series including Knights of the Old Republic, Dark Times, Rebellion, and Legacy. This combined storyline was developed by several writers including John Ostrander and John Jackson Miller.

Dreypa made his first appearance in Miller's Lost Tribe of the Sith—Spiral 2, which was first released on September 12, 2012. Miller also expanded on his biography and developed his character. He was killed off in Lost Tribe of the Sith—Spiral 5, the finale to Miller's stand-alone Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith—Spiral which debuted on December 12, 2012.



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