The Renatasia system contained the medium-sized yellow star Renatasia and eight planets, including Renatasia III and Renatasia IV. It was one of the many lost Human colonies founded by Grizmallt under the Old Republic.

In 13 BBY, the colony was rediscovered by the Centrality. Osuno Whett and Vuffi Raa were assigned by the Centrality and the Galactic Empire to win the trust of the Renatasians to make them easy targets for the armed forces to subdue. Covering the droid Vuffi Raa with an organic exterior, Whett posed as Vuffi's assistant and presented them as representatives of a galactic civilization eager to welcome the Renatasians.

Whett and Vuffi Raa toured the world and helped the Renatasians form a unified world government. Then after 700 days, Whett transmitted all his data, beginning the invasion by the Imperial and Centran forces. Because of the massacre that followed, Vuffi Raa was nicknamed the "Butcher of Renatasia" since none of the Renatasians realized he was a droid and that Whett was the true butcher. In response, a group of the survivors had commandeered twelve aging starfighters and vowed to hunt down and kill Vuffi Raa.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Dan Wallace, the retcon of Renatasia as another colony of Grizmallt is a small easter egg, as Reina Tasia could come from Queen Elsinoré den Tasia. The only problem with that retcon is that Vuffi Raa describes the Renatasian civilization as prehistoric and far older than the Republic. One possible explanation is that Vuffi Raa, like Palpatine, would describe the Galactic Government as a

"...Republic that has stood for a thousand years ..."



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