"You never heard the story of the Rendars?"
"Should I have?"
"Dash was at the Imperial Academy, a year or so behind Han. His family was wealthy and highly placed. Dash's older brother was a freighter pilot working his way up through the family shipping company. There was an accident. A control system blew out, not the pilot's fault, and the freighter crashed on liftoff from the Coruscant spaceport. Killed the crew, destroyed the ship."
"Terrible. So?"
"So, the building the freighter hit was the Emperor's private museum. Had a lot of his mementos in it. Most of them were lost in the ensuing fire. The Emperor was not happy. He had the Rendar family's property seized, then had them banished from Coruscant. That included Dash. They kicked him out of the Academy on Carida and off that planet, too."
Lando Calrissian and Princess Leia Organa[src]

The Rendar family was a Human family from Corellia. The family included Dash Rendar and Stanton Rendar. During Dash's time at the Academy of Carida, Stanton worked as a pilot for the family's shipping company and crashed into a Coruscant building that was Palpatine's private museum. In revenge, Palpatine exiled the family from Coruscant, kicked Dash out of the Academy, and confiscated their property. The shipping company was later given to Xizor.

Family treeEdit

Unknown mother--+--Unknown father
         |             |
    Dash Rendar    Stanton Rendar



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