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"Rendezvous Point" is the eighth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television November 24, 2019 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

The First Order captures a Resistance pilot with a connection to Captain Doza and Torra.[3]

Plot summary[]

The failed rendezvous[]

The episode begins with a wide shot of the Colossus in space. Ace Squadron including Kazuda Xiono's Fireball racer is engaged in a dogfight with several First Order TIE fighters, that have been launched from the Thunderer. CB-23 squeaks that they are in danger. Kazuda Xiono understands but says they can't leave until Captain Imanuel Doza says so.

Kaz asks Hype Fazon if he has received any word from the Captain. Hype says no but says that the last time he asked he nearly bit his head off. Kaz contacts Jarek Yeager and tells him they are not going to last for long much longer. At the Colossus command bridge, turbolasers engage fire with TIE fighters. Yeager says he understands but tells him to hang in there a little bit longer. 4D-M1N informs Captain Doza that their deflector shields won't hold for long much longer. Yeager reminds Doza they are running out of time. Doza sighs and asks where is she.

In space, Kaz and CB-23's fighter is pursued by a TIE fighter, which they are unable to shake off. Kaz calls Torra Doza and the others for help. Hype replies that he is too busy. CB-23 squeaks as the TIE fighter pilot prepares to target the Fireball. Just then, Torra shoots down the TIE fighter and reassures Kaz that she is on to it. Kaz is grateful.

Back on the command bridge, Yeager says that their shields are down to five percent and that they will lose the Aces if they don't land them now. Torra tells her dad that they can't wait for her any longer. Yeager grimly orders the Aces to draw back and to prepare to jump into hyperspace. Yeager and the bridge crew prepare the Colossus for the hyperspace jump. The Aces land their ships just as the Colossus jumps into hyperspace, leaving the First Order fighters behind.

Late to the party[]

Just after the dogfight, a T-65B X-wing arrives at the nearby signal beacon. A rusty Torch beeps. The female Resistance pilot says that the Star Destroyer ahead is definitely not the Colossus. They fly through several hostile TIEs.

The female pilot says that this not exactly the welcoming party they were expecting. She whips about giving them a proper introduction and fires ion blasts at two TIE fighters, causing them to short-circuit. Before she can take her X-wing back into hyperspace, it is caught in the Thunderer's tractor beam.

Torch beeps in Binary about the pilot showing off. The female pilot denies that she was showing off and says that it was his job to make sure that they did not get caught. However, she relents and says that it doesn't matter now. She wonders whether they should play innocent like the last time they did in Bakura or the last time on Lehon. The two decide to "play dead."

The female pilot's X-wing is drawn into the hangar bay of the Thunderer, where it is surrounded by First Order stormtroopers. One of them wheels a maintenance ladder as the ship lands. When confronted by an armed stormtrooper, the female pilot warns him not to break her ship or that they will answer to her boss. She is led down the maintenance ladder.

The stormtroopers are joined by First Order Security Bureau Agent Tierny, who asks whom might that be. The female pilot defiantly responds you first. Tierny reasserts her authority and orders her troopers to restrain her. She also orders them to retrieve her flight data recorder in order to uncover information on her travels and identity. A stormtrooper reports that both the ship's systems and her droid have been fried. He thinks it is sabotage while the female pilot mockingly asks how that happened.

Tierny responds that they have other ways of getting information out of her and orders her troops to take her to the detention bay. The female pilot scowls at a stone-faced Tierny. The camera zooms in on her seemingly disabled astromech droid.

Torra's distress[]

Back at the Colossus, the Aces gather in the Aces' Lounge. An angry Hype Fazon barks that they should have fled at the first sight of the First Order. He complains that they have gotten their thrusters handed to them again. Kaz speaks up for Doza, telling them he has a plan. Bo Keevil complains that Doza took them to the Outer Rim to lay low but that he gave away their location by activating that beacon. Kaz responds that he never said it was a good plan.

Torra has had enough of the bickering and slams her fists on the table. She tells them that they have no idea what her family has given up to protect this platform. She tells them to place themselves in her father's shoes. Torra storms out but not before knocking Hype's mug out of his hands. Hype tells Torra to wait up but she ignores him. Hype mocks Kaz, calling him "Kaz-tastrophe." Kaz asks what he did while Freya Fenris looks on.

Prisoner of the First Order[]

Aboard the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, a First Order BB-series astromech droid rolls past the First Order TIE Fighter Pilot cadets Jace Rucklin and Tamara Ryvora. The two spot a pair of stormtroopers leading a prisoner, who Jace recognizes as the X-wing pilot that was looking for the Colossus. Tam replies that she doesn't see how it concerns her. Jace claims that Doza lied to them and has been working for the Resistance from the beginning. The female X-wing pilot makes eye contact but one of the stormtroopers prods her forward with his blaster. Tam asks Jace if the pilot looks familiar to him but he says no and asks why. Tam says forget she said anything.

Kaz's misguided help[]

At the Aces' hangar bay, Bucket and R4-G77 are repairing the landing struts of Green Ace. Kaz tells Neeku Vozo that he has never seen Torra Doza so upset and thinks she is acting strange. Neeku remarks that Captain Doza and his daughter normally have a pattern of unexplainable behaviour on this day. When Kaz asks what he means, Neeku tells Kaz that every year in this day they would leave Castilon and travel to an undisclosed location. Studying the datapad, Kaz notices that their trips began six years ago. Kaz recalls that this is around the same time that General Organa formed the Resistance. Neeku has an epiphany and says that he has to speak with Doza.

At Doza's office, the Captain speaks with Torra in the presence of Yeager. He tells her that this isn't like before because the First Order is hunting them. Torra replies that they heard no answer on her beacon and insists on jumping back. Her father disagrees and says it is too dangerous.

Just then, Kaz enters and says that he needs to speak with Captain Doza and Torra. Captain Doza says it is not a good time. Kaz offers to help them to contact the Resistance. Torra asks how he can help. Kaz responds that he is in the Resistance. Torra explains that they are not looking for the entire Resistance but they are trying to find one of their pilots, her mother.

Yeager leads Kaz out of the room and tells him they need to talk privately. He tells Kaz to run his ideas by him first next time and to say nothing to anyone about Torra's mother being with the Resistance. When Kaz asks why he did not trust him to share this information, Yeager responds for the same reason he kept his Resistance ties a secret. As Yeager descends down a turbolift, he says that the fewer people they know, the safer it is.

Kaz follows Yeager into the turbolift and asks how he knows Torra's mother. Yeager responds that he and Venisa go way back and that they were both pilots for the Rebellion. When Kaz recalls that Doza fought for theEmpire, Yeager explains he did but Venisa got him to defect.

He says those two were inseparable until the First Order started building up their forces. Doza refused to be part of another war but Venisa was determined to fight back. He remarks that she is as fearless as they come. Kaz says that she sounds a lot like Torra. Yeager replies that he has no idea.

Pilot to pilot[]

Aboard the Thunderer, a helmeted TIE cadet walks down the detention block into Venisa's cell. She recognises that her visitor is not an interrogator and asks if she got lost along the way to the hangar. The helmeted TIE cadet turns out to be Tamara, who wanted to ask her a question. Venisa is bemused and remarks that this isn't standard procedure.

Tam asks if they have met before. Venisa says that it is hard to say since they all look like clones dressed in their uniforms. When she asks the kid if she has a name, Tam removes her helmet and says that she is DT-533. Venisa realizes that Tam is a new recruit and says that it is not too late for her to get out of this. Venisa offers to help her but Tam counters that she is not the one who needs help. Venisa advises her to watch her back because individuality is not a quality that the First Order tolerates. Tam disagrees and responds the First Order is helping her to achieve all that she has wanted. When Venisa asks what is that, Tam remains silent and looks down.

Meanwhile, two stormtroopers examine Venisa's astromech droid on a repulsorlift. The female stormtrooper is amazed that droids this old are still operating. Her male colleague says that it is not and touches the droid, only to be stung by one of its appendages. He orders his colleague to get this piece of garbage out of here. The two hoist the droid onto a trash bin. After they have left, the astromech droid comes to life, revealing that it had only been "playing dead."

The astromech droid travels down the corridors into the detention block. Meanwhile, Tam says she won't leave until Venisa gives her name. Venisa says fine but first she wants DT-533 to answer her on why is she with the First Order. Tam claims that it is to help restore peace and order to the galaxy. Venisa tells her to forget the lies they told her and asks Tam why is really with the First Order. She asks what is it that the young Kuati girl wants.

Venisa tells Tam that all the First Order wants is power and tells her that she knows this is not where she belongs, calling her Tamara. Tam asks how she knows her name and who she is. The astromech droid closes in on Venisa's cell just as Venisa reveals her name to Tamara. Tamara realizes that the prisoner is Captain Doza's wife and Torra's mother. Just then, Tam is electrocuted by Venisa's astromech droid, knocking her unconscious. Venisa thanks her droid Torch for the perfect timing. The droid beeps back in Binary.

Ties of friendship[]

Back at the Colossus, Torra sneaks into the Ace hangar where Bucket and Neeku Vozo are servicing the Fireball. Using some cargo trolleys as her cover, she sneaks past the two. Neeku tells Bucket that it is time for a well-deserved break and blurrgfire at Aunt Z's Tavern.

Torra is about to climb aboard the Blue Ace but is stopped by Kaz, who asks if she is going somewhere. Torra says it is not what it looks like. Kaz asks if she is disobeying orders. Torra says that she has to find her mother because she might be in trouble. She tells Kaz not to stop her. Kaz says he is not here to stop her because poorly thought up plans are up his alley. He tells her he is in and offers to come along with her. Torra is amazed and initially doesn't want Kaz to come along.

Kaz says that if his family was in trouble, he would not let anyone stop him from helping them. Kaz says he understands how she feels and asks her to let him help her. Torra is reluctant to accept Kaz's help and thinks that her mother might not even need her help. She reveals that she wants to see her because it is her birthday, the one day in the year when she and her family meet together.

Dodging Rucklin[]

Back on the Star Destroyer, Torch electrocutes a stormtrooper sentry unconscious. Venisa brings a bound Tamara along as a hostage. Tamara protests that her plan won't work. Venisa reiterates that they are all getting off this ship because she is taking them home to the Colossus. Tam responds that the Colossus is no longer her home.

Taking pity on Tam, Venisa explains that her husband was once on the "wrong side" too until he saw the Empire for what it truly was. She adds that everyone makes mistakes. Tam rejects her former identity and insists that she is DT-533 and that she doesn't know a thing about her. Venisa says that running away won't make things better. As Venisa tries to reason with Tam, Rucklin sneaks up on them from an adjacent corridor.

Venisa tells Torch that this does not feel like a short cut and that she would like to get out of here before someone notices. Rucklin replies that they are too late and surfaces with a blaster. He orders Venisa to drop her weapon but she positions herself behind Tam, using her as a hostage. Rucklin orders Venisa to drop the blaster again, calling her "Resistance scum."

Venisa replies that he didn't say please and tightness her grip around Tam's shoulder. Tam says that no one needs to get hurt and the First Order will grant her amnesty if she surrenders but Venisa replies that is not really her style of theirs. Venisa dares Rucklin to shoot her and Tam. Rucklin vows to carry out his duty but finds he is unable to take the risk of killing his friend and comrade. Venisa thinks that there is still hope for Rucklin in seeing the light because he can't take her down if it means that Tam gets caught in the crossfire. Rucklin responds that the Resistance doesn't stand a chance and that she is going to lose.

Meanwhile, Torch connects to a network terminal. As Venisa backs away with Tam, she tells him to open his eyes and says that destroying planets full of innocent people isn't winning. Rucklin asks what would she know because he claims the New Republic was corrupt. He reiterates that she is an enemy of the First Order. Venisa says yes she is and lets go of Tamara. Just then, Torch seals the blast door, separating the three of them from Rucklin. Venisa remarks that Rucklin is not the brightest star in the system. As the klaxons ring, they run down the corridor. They soon reach a blast door.

Reasoning with Tamara[]

Torch mutters in Binary. Venisa responds that locking the door is his job. Tam tells Venisa she is only making things worse for herself. Venisa says that she has escaped tougher spots than this and not to worry about her. Tam says she is not and confides that's she is worried about Torra and that Venisa would to if she cared about her at all. Torch is agitated but Venisa tells the droid to relax.

Venisa says that leaving Torra was not easy but says that she is fighting for her daughter to live in a galaxy of peace. She tells Tam that is something she will never stop fighting for. Just the, stormtroopers close in on them from the other side of the corridor. Venisa shoots two of the stormtroopers with her blaster and pushes Tam down in order to shield her from the blasts. She tells Torch to unlock the door.

Torch manages to seal the stormtroopers behind a second blast door and open the blast door to the hangar bay. Venisa leads Tam out into the hangar. They hide behind cargo containers. Venisa proposes stealing one of the parked TIE fighters, which Torch beeps reminds them of their escape from Agent Terex. Venisa likes that and tasks Torch with lighting up the fuel canisters in order to create a distraction. One of the stormtrooper sentries is knocked to the ground by a blast while his colleague reports an incendiary incident in Bay Two.

As Tam eyes Venisa from behind, she tells her that Yeager misses her. To Tam's surprise, Venisa explains that Yeager thinks of Tam as a daughter due to the loss of his daughter. Tam says that Yeager should have trusted her. Venisa responds that they all make mistakes they have to live with.

Hearing the klaxons, Agent Tierny rushes out of her officer to join the stormtroopers rushing to Bay Two. Back in the hangar, Torch plants explosives on a TIE fighter, which goes up in flames. Tam, who is not yet ready to come, tells Venisa to go. Venisa tells her not to forget who she is and releases her restraints. She tells Tam to steer clear of the hangar when she wakes up before stunning her.

An explosive escape[]

Realizing that the fire is a diversion, Agent Tierny orders her troops to lock down the hangar. Tierny sees a TIE fighter powering up and thinks that Venisa is escaping on that ship. However, this turns out to be a diversion created by Torch. Tam awakes and tries to warn the stormtroopers. The fighter explodes in a green cloud, scattering the stormtroopers clustered around it.

Venisa takes advantage of the diversion to climb into her X-wing while Torch flies a TIE fighter and begins strafing the parked fighters. He flies the starfighter out as it explodes and ejects into space. Torch activates a remote detonator which blows up another TIE fighter, throwing Tierny and the stormtroopers to the floor. Tierny watches in rage as Venisa flies out of the hangar in her X-wing and rendezvoused with Torch. Venisa cheers and asks if Torch is good before jumping into hyperspace.

Back in the hangar, Agent Tierny summons Tamara, who tells her that she was taken captive by the prisoner and admits her mistake. When Tierny asks if the pilot revealed anything about her identity, Tamara lies and claims that she revealed nothing. Tierny says that they will find out soon enough, reminding Tamara that the First Order has "eyes everywhere." She tells Tam that security will want a report of her encounter and suggests that she cooperate fully with their investigation. Tamara reflects on her dialogue with Venisa and Tierny's veiled threat.

Torra's birthday[]

Aboard the Colossus, Torra returns to the Aces Lounge. She heads her fellow Aces whispering and asks what is going on. Kaz, Freya, Hype, Bo Keevil and Griff Halloran reveals that they have made a green jelly cake for her with a gorg inside. Torra laughs and asks if that is a gorg inside. Kaz confirms that Neeku helped him to make it for her.

Hype wishes her happy birthday while Griff asks why she didn't tell them. Torra is amazed and Freya cuddles her and tells her that she is one of them. Torra says that she didn't think they would care. Hype says that they care before adding who else is going to help her eat this cake. Torra says she is lost for words while Kaz wishes her happy birthday. The gorg breaks out of the cake and playfully jumps on Griff.

Just then, Captain Doza enters the Aces Lounge and is pleased to see that his daughter has friends who care about her. While Kaz and company toy with the gorg, Torra notices her father leaving the room. In his office, Captain Doza plays a holorecording of Venisa talking to him about the threat of the First Order and that they need to be ready. Venisa tells Imanuel that Torra is a gifted pilot and that training her is the best way to protect her. Doza agrees. Venisa says the future is uncertain but they will face whatever comes their way no matter how far apart they are and how often they see each other. She reiterates that they are a family.

Torra enters the room and asks her father if he was watching that old recording again. A sad Captain Doza says it makes him feel better. Torra says she misses her mom but realizes that the galaxy needs her right now. She puts her arm around her father and says that they still have each other. Doza promptly agrees.


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