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Rendili Hyperworks was a starship manufacturing corporation active centuries before the rebellion against the Galactic Empire.[1]

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The canon roleplaying sourcebook, Dawn of Rebellion, established that Rendili Stardrive was the manufacturer[1] of the Sphyrna-class corvette,[2] which was dubbed the Hammerhead-class corvette.[1] However, the more recent Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles established that it was Corellian Engineering Corporation. Since the encyclopedia is the more recent source and is not a roleplaying sourcebook, this article assumes that the encyclopedia contains the factual information.[2]

Dawn of Rebellion stated that centuries before the age of the Empire, Rendili Hyperworks designed a starship that eventually inspired the design of Rendili StarDrive's Hammerhead-class corvette used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1]


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