The Rendili Vehicle Corporation was a business structure owned and operated by the company of the same name. Located on Corellia, the facility functioned as an corporate office building, a lab, a testing facility, and the location of a design department. During the Great Galactic War the facility was visited by smuggler Hylo Visz, who was delivering experimental ion engines on behalf of Barrga the Hutt of the Hutt Cartel. Rendili decided to double-cross the Hutt, and so wired the smuggler's payment with explosives. Her ship was destroyed as a result, but the Corporation was still successful in gaining the ion drives.

During this time, the Rendili Corporation was working on several contracts from the Galactic Republic, with the ion engine project being one of them. The facility also housed the Vanguard project—an initiative to build an advanced corvette starfighter for the Jedi Order. Although a Jedi representative was slated to take the Vanguard on a test-flight, Hylo Visz, who survived the attempted murder, commandeered the vessel and escaped the Rendili facility.

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