The Renegade was a heavy blaster pistol created by SoroSuub Corporation during a period of intense competition referred to as the blaster wars. During this period the big three weapon manufactures, Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc., BlasTech Industries and SoroSuub, all attempted to create the "ultimate heavy blaster pistol". The Renegade held this coveted title until BlasTech released their T-6 heavy blaster pistol.

Although not the most powerful pistol, the Renegade was still immensely popular with pirates and smugglers who felt its heavy punch and slim design, when compared to its more powerful competitor, created a far more deadly weapon. However, the Renegade lacked features found on other blasters such as a stun setting or integrated diagnostic tools.

Dunan Par'Ell utilized a Renegade as part of his arsenal during his time as the head of security at the Ace of Sabres.[1]



Another view of a Renegade pistol

  • SWG logo sm Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided (First appearance) (Identified as Renegade pistol)


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