The Rengali Imperial Naval Academy was one of the Academies[1] used by the Galactic Empire to train its Naval officers.[2] Imperial Captain Ralchio Nervi attended the Academy after marrying Lila Nervi. The captain graduated with mediocre marks, but held records for winning head-to-head combat simulations.[3]

The pilot Zal Artha also attended the Academy[1] at some point by 0 ABY,[4] and performed with distinction during her time there. However, as a woman, Artha faced harassment and derision from the Academy's instructors and students[1] due to the institutional bias toward male Humans.[2] When Artha graduated, she was passed over for promotion as part of the continued bias. Another reason for the pilot's lack of promotion was due to fears by Naval Command that Artha sympathized with the Rebel Alliance, given that she was a native of the planet Chandrila,[1] a hotbed of dissent.[2] Artha eventually defected to the Alliance to become a Rebel pilot.[1]

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The Rengali Imperial Naval Academy was first mentioned in a character folio for Zal Artha that was included with Fantasy Flight Games' 2014 Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game boxed set.[1]

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