Renik was a branch of Imperial Intelligence's Bureau of Operations. It was tasked with counter-intelligence operations.[1] To the public eye, it existed as different "respectable" companies, including Renikco,[2] the entertainment company Delcas HoloVid, and Celanon Finance[3] Renik were tasked with discovering and neutralizing enemy spy organizations. Once identified, information on enemy groups that would prove useful to the Galactic Empire were turned over to Infiltration. Groups that were not deemed useful were eliminated.[1]

Renik's name was a myth cultivated by the organization; it was said that the name "Renik" was originally a ritual used by the Delorf species. The Delorf were reputed to have an ability to sense animosity and treachery in anyone, friend and for alike. When animosity was felt, Delorf sensitive would perform a ceremony and pool their energies to cleanse the hostility from the target. The ceremony was known as "Renik." Another, far more likely explanation, was that it was simply the name of Admiral Kiner turned back-to-front, a reversal that was deemed appropriate for a counter-intelligence agency. Kiner had been a respected counter-intelligence officer serving the Galactic Republic.[1]



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