Renna's Transport Service was a transportation company based on the planet Cularin during the final years of the Old Republic. The company's owner, a Rodian named Renna, had a reputation as one of the most competent import/export traders in the Cularin system. A sampling of the cargoes that the company shipped included Meir wine, speeder parts, datapads, and multichannel comlinks. As the local spaceport was in Hedrett, her compound in Gadrin had its own landing pad.[1]

In 31 BBY, Renna's Service had several shipments hijacked by pirates, as did many of the local trading concerns. Renna started to have issues with her security forces due to this. When one particularly brazen theft occurred in her own compound by thieves wearing her security uniforms, one of the pirates was captured by a group of strangers. Renna was so impressed with them over her own security forces, she offered them jobs. Those strangers ended up bringing down the pirates and recovering some of the stolen goods.[1]

Renna capitalized on the troubles the Metatheran Cartel experienced a few months later, as the group she had hired proved instrumental in revealing Velin Wir's rogue activities.[2] However, Renna was involved in a news investigation soon afterward due to the rapid growth of her business. Renna's Transport Service had grown by 500 percent in a period in which no other local transport concern grew more than 100 percent, which some found suspicious.




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