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"The Jedi failed to prevent the capture of one of their cruisers, the Renown, and upon interception of encrypted transmissions regarding this plot, dispatched their own mission – separate from, and unsanctioned by, Republic Intelligence – to recover the decryption module."
Wilhuff Tarkin, in a memorandum to Palpatine[src]

The Renown was a Venator-class Star Destroyer that was stolen from the Republic by the Separatists and stationed above planet Abafar, where it was loaded with huge amounts of rhydonium fuel contained in canisters.


Carida Incident

The Renown destroyed in a massive rhydonium-fueled explosion

Its purpose was to destroy the Valor station, where the whole Jedi High Council and Republic command held a strategy conference. However, the D-Squad, with the aid of clone commando Gregor, managed to get on the ship, and being warned of the threat, managed to overpower the B1 battle droids and the Pistoeka sabotage droids (where M5-BZ sacrificed himself to save the others), and with the help of the heroic deed of R2-D2, barely managed to blow up the ship before it reached the star base, causing only minor damage. R2 was later rebuilt. The near-aversion of the disaster regarding the Renown was what ultimately led to Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin to request to the Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine that the Jedi military command undergo a restructuring.

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The Renown had first appeared in the episode Missing in Action as part of the D-Squad arc's conclusion. However, it was never identified in either the episode itself or Point of No Return. It was later identified three days after the airing of the latter episode, on the official Star Wars: The Clone Wars Facebook page, in an image detailing a document where Tarkin requested that the Jedi military command end up restructured to Palpatine. According to a post on the Facebook page, the destruction of the Renown was the biggest explosion the animators had created at that time in the animated series.



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