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Renthal's Vigilance was a Carrack-class light cruiser in Drea Renthal's pirate fleet. Originally it had been an Imperial ship named Vigilance under Captain Darv Eldon.

It was part of the Imperial squadron present at the Battle of Nar Shaddaa in 4 BBY. When the Vigilance entered the debris field surrounding the moon, it was ambushed by ships of the smugglers' First Strike Element. After a fierce engagement with the Hutt ship Dragon Pearl commanded by Mako Spince, Vigilance became damaged to the extent that the shields on the port side went down and the lasers started to score hits on the hull. The pirate ships Too Late Now and Minestra came in to finish it off, leaving the Vigilance a crippled wreck in space and Captain Eldon dead.

Before the Vigilance was defeated, it managed to destroy Take That! and Bnef Nlle, though the latter ship managed to weaken the Vigilance's port shields in a ramming attack. After the battle, it was salvaged by the pirate leader Renthal. She renamed her new acquisition the Renthal's Vigilance, turning it into her flagship and the largest ship in her fleet.

The ship's size and power came in handy in future raids down the road, especially when Drea decided to assault the Queen of Empire by tugging a massive asteroid into place and knocking the luxury liner out of hyperspace.



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