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"You Rebel scum."
―Renz, to Han Solo — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Renz was an Imperial officer, holding the title of Lieutenant, stationed at the bunker on Endor, and leader of one of the Imperial legions during the Battle of Endor[1]. Following the disposal of Colonel Dyer, Renz captured the Rebels who had infiltrated the bunker, and ordered a lockdown following the beginning of the battle[1]. Shortly before the end of the battle, Han Solo, disguised as an AT-ST pilot, gave a false signal to the Imperials that they had won the forest battle and reinforcements were needed to continue pursuing the fleeing Rebels[1]. Renz was taken prisoner before the Rebels destroyed the bunker.

Personality and traits[]

Renz was loyal to the Galactic Empire and hated the Rebellion, referring to Solo as "Rebel scum."


Lieutenant Renz carried a DL-21 blaster pistol.

Behind the scenes[]

Renz was portrayed by Barrie Holland.[3]

Renz's line "You Rebel scum" was the inspiration for the name of popular fan website Rebelscum.com. The site's staff even commissioned an exclusive Gentle Giant Lt. Renz minibust.



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