"Daala reclaimed a leadership position with the new warlords of the Deep Core. Successors to Harrsk, Delvardus, and the others now held power within the Deep Core kingdoms, and while warlords such as Foga Brill and Moff Tethys lacked military muscle, they made up for it in base cruelty."
Voren Na'al[1]

The replacement warlords were an alliance within the Deep Core of Imperial warlords who succeeded the thirteen Imperial warlords that had been executed by Admiral Daala in 12 ABY. They eventually formed the Second Imperium.



"Still trying to impose order, Daala united the squabbling factions to make preparations for a unified strike against the New Republic."
―Voren Na'al[1]

The replacement warlords were located at the Deep Core when Admiral Natasi Daala executed the thirteen most powerful Imperial warlords in 12 ABY at Tsoss Beacon, leading to the Imperial Reunification and the creation of the Imperial Remnant. Few of the replacements possessed the strategic talents or resources commanded by those killed by Daala, but compensated with base cruelty and repression.[1]

The replacement warlords included Moffs Foga Brill,[1] Jmanuel Tethys,[1][2] Bliss Shargael,[2] and Grand Moff Cinzero Gann.[3] Brakiss became a neutral power broker among them following his involvement in the Almanian Uprising.[4][1]

Following her defeat of Moff Getelles' forces in 13 ABY, Daala returned to the Deep Core and became the leader of a coalition of these warlords, eventually planning strikes into New Republic space.[1] After the end of the Black Fleet Crisis in 17 ABY, surviving Imperial forces of Black Sword Command escaped to Emperor Palpatine's throneworld of Byss. Upon learning of the planet's destruction years earlier, some of them defected to the New Republic while others joined the Imperial Remnant and other Imperial forces. Four Victory-class Star Destroyers joined the Imperial Deep Core warlords.[5]

In 17 ABY, the Council of Moffs of the Imperial Remnant secretly contacted Admiral Daala to launch a joint campaign against the New Republic.[6] However, the squabbling warlords could not provide a united front even with Daala's leadership, and the New Republic's Fourth Fleet, led by General Garm Bel Iblis, launched a crippling series of assaults on their perimeter. In the Battle of Columus, Bel Iblis defeated Daala, forcing her flagship to escape into hyperspace; it remained unaccounted for.[1] Defeated, the Imperial Remnant was forced to negotiate a declaration of peace with the New Republic two years later.[6] However, the replacement warlords themselves remained and they rejected these accords. They severed allegiance to the official Imperial Remnant and later re-organized themselves as the Second Imperium.[4]

The Second Imperium[]

"Aren't there still some Imperial strongholds in the Core Systems?"
"Sure are."
Jaina Solo and Han Solo[7]

In 18 ABY, the leader of the Constitutional Protectorate of Prakith Moff Brill was assassinated by Lando Calrissian and his commandos on his fortress world of Prakith.[3]

The Second Imperium was eventually defeated by the New Republic and the New Jedi Order in 23 ABY.[1] By the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War, the New Republic had finally cleared their enemies out of the Deep Core.[8]



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